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The Fraggle Rock television program offers great variety for Halloween costumes. Explore Fraggle Rock Halloween costume ideas, herein.

Fraggle Rock Halloween Costumes

Created by Jim Henson, Fraggle Rock was a children's live action puppet television show, featuring a set of five muppet creature called the Fraggles. These small humanoid characters were presented in a wide array of colors, with puffy tails, residing in a system of caves known as Fraggle Rock. These little and playful monsters became a worldwide hit during the 1980s. A tight-knit of five friends, Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley, and Boober, each of these Fraggle characters had a distinct personality. If you wish to relive the 1980s era and bring back the Fraggles into the modern world, the upcoming Halloween is the best way to do so. Pick up any one of the characters or opt for a group costume idea, and rock the party. Dance your way the Fraggles way this Halloween in authentic character costumes. The following lines present ideas on different Fraggle Rock Halloween costumes.

Fraggle Rock Halloween Costume Ideas

Red Fraggle Rock

Exuberant and athletic in nature, Red is one of the best swimmers amongst the Fraggles. She is characterized by her yellowish orange hue, red hair, and a red sweater. In the quest of taking the charge, Red often butts heads with Gobo, the leader. Recreate the spunky enthusiastic character of Red at the Halloween party with a red long sleeved shirt having an attached orange tail at the back. The shirt looks best when paired with orange shorts and yellow stockings. The yellow headpiece that slips easily over the head makes it comfortable for the wearer to view the surroundings. Complete the Red ensemble with matching yellow gloves and shoe covers. For a real fun Halloween, pair up with the rest of the Fraggles team.

Mokey Fraggle Rock
Roommate and best friend of Red, Mokey is spiritual, artistic, and is known for remaining quiet and contemplative, even though she does get annoyed at times. She is easily identified by her mauve skin and light blue green hair. She is the only Fraggle with moveable eyelids that can open wide to show expressions of excitement, surprise, and scare. Pick up a purple tunic with pink sleeves and an attached tail at the back in purple, with light blue hair at the end. An oversized, dark green vest to be worn over the tunic, purple shorts, and a pair of pink tights deem the outfit complete. Perfect the appearance with pink gloves and shoe covers. The jumbo pink character headpiece with lots of light blue mesh on top of the head adds more to the realistic and dramatic Mokey look.

Gobo Fraggle Rock
The group of five Fraggles is headed by Gobo, who loves playing the guitar, enjoys exploring the tunnels of Fraggle Rock, and does not believe in giving in to peer pressure. The orange complexion, purple hair, and a yellow sweater with a brown vest make him stand out in the crowd. To emulate this sensible and pragmatic character from the Fraggles, you will need yellow and pink striped tunic with an attached brown vest, boasting of multiple pockets. The brown tail attached at the back of the tunic with pink mesh hair at the end forms a great addition. Pair the tunic with light brown pants and matching four-fingered mittens and shoe covers. Perfect the ensemble with a jumbo character mask, having plenty of bright pink mesh hair on the top.

Wembley Fraggle Rock
Best friend and roommate of Gobo, Wembley is the nervous and indecisive Fraggle character. With greenish-yellow complexion, yellow hair, and a white shirt with palm trees imprinted, Wembley looks quite a talented percussionist. For an authentic Wembley look, you need a tunic resembling the character's signature shirt, depicted with a white background and highlighted by a tropical pattern in flowers and palm trees. The solid light green band at the waist and an attached light green tail, with neon orange and yellow hair at the end, completes the character shirt. The matching yellow pants, gloves, and shoe covers complement the costume perfectly. Add more to the practicality of the character with a jumbo sized Wembley mask, having neon orange and yellow mesh hair on the top.