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This Halloween, when most of the dressers are pretending to take lives; you do the opposite and pretend to save some by slipping into Baywatch Halloween Costumes. Read this article to know more.

Baywatch Halloween Costumes

Who said Halloween is all about creating spooky atmospherics filled with scary characters? No one did! Halloween is all about becoming a character you really want to be, irrespective of whether it's scary, funny, sexy, loony, and so on. And this is what lends Halloween its diversity. So here's a totally unique costume idea that hardly anyone would be expecting: The Baywatch Halloween Costumes. You heard it right! Baywatch was an American action drama series that revolved around a bunch of Los Angeles County Lifeguards who patrolled the beaches of Los Angeles County. As the Guinness Book of Record has it, Baywatch was the most watched television show of all time, with over 1.1 billion viewers from around the world. It was the trademark slow motion shots of the lifeguards running along the beach, along with their interpersonal relationships storylines that gave the show its popularity. This Halloween, you too can dress up like the popular Baywatch characters, pretending to save lives, and running in slow-motion for fun. However, first read about the Baywatch Halloween costume ideas in the following section.

Baywatch Halloween Costume Ideas

Muscular Baywatch Lifeguard

This one's for the men out there and is totally a lady killer of a costume. Ironically, it's meant to save the drowning chicks, and of course, men too. It's the muscular Baywatch lifeguard! The costume includes a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached swim trunks. The muscle chest jumpsuit has a fleshy tone for a realistic appearance, while the red swim trunks have yellow striping and stitching with the classic Baywatch logo on the leg. Wear it and run your way to the beach or pool like the Baywatch studs themselves.

Sexy Baywatch Costume
This one's for the women. The classic Baywatch female characters of C.J. Parker and Caroline Holden, played by Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth respectively had the guys yearning for more. This Halloween, bring back the beach madness by wearing this sexy Baywatch costume that includes a red and yellow jacket made of polyester with Baywatch logo on the upper front side of the chest, and a red and yellow swimsuit with Baywatch logo on the bottom left side, and an inflatable red floater with a short rope attached to it. Wear the outfit, hold on the inflatable floater, and imagine yourself either as Pamela or Yasmine running to save the lives of drowning morons.

Fat Baywatch Swimsuit Costume
This unisex Baywatch costume is more on the funnier side and will look gorgeously funny on men. The costume includes a padded fat suit with a costume bathing suit over the top. The suit is flesh colored on the hips and cleavage section to give it an even funnier look. Best aspect about it is that it has a large enough opening to easily fit. A blonde wig will further spice up the look. Step into this costume and make a big splash into the beach or the pool for the upcoming Halloween.