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Some characters are so often related with Halloween costumes parties that they've achieved classic status. Read the following article to know about some of the classic Halloween costumes.

Classic Halloween Costumes

Halloween is few weeks ahead and every one seems preparing for the ultimate season of festivities, parties, costumes and rituals. For centuries, Halloween has been celebrated by the mankind. Halloween includes a number of rituals and customs. One of these rituals is wearing costumes related to folk tales. Costumes increase the effect of Halloween manifold times. As such, each year with the arrival of the festival, comes the big question; what to wear for the Halloween this year? While many people choose to wear the characters from a current hit movie, some imitate cartoon or comic characters. But some characters have achieved the status of being classic, for their very regular and cult status in Halloween parties or any other theme parties. Some of these characters have even become synonymous to Halloween and its related rituals. Classical Halloween characters include vampire, ghost, witch and fairy. Despite being repeated every year for Halloween, these characters never lose their charm, which make them classic. Here's presenting some of the classic Halloween costumes that you can try on.

Classic Halloween Costume Ideas


Vampire is among the popular mythological characters that have been part of folk tales for centuries. Every culture has different beliefs regarding vampires and have their own ritual associated to them. In the popular culture of literature and films, vampires are known for killing people and hence bring the subject of fear and terror. To sport a vampire look, you need clothes in maroon and black. While women can go for a tight red corset, with long gloves, top hat, and gauzy black stockings, men can choose to wear satin long-sleeved shirt with an ascot and cross embellishment attached on to the button front vest. A long black satin robe with a blood red stand-up neckline attached with the help of a Velcro is common for both.

Witches are known to practice evil practices and rituals and hence form a part of folk tales and mythological stories. Since childhood days, we have heard dozens of stories involving witchcraft and evil witches cursing beautiful princess and kings in the stories. As Halloween has its history related to pagan traditions, there is old connection between witches and Halloween. Anyone donning witch character is surely to get noticed in the Halloween parties. For the same, all you need to wear is a microfiber versatile dress with sheer lycra net jagged hem and sheer fingerless gloves. Alternatively, you can wear crushed satin mini dress with attached belts and buckles. Any dress you wear, make sure you team it up with a witch hat and broom for that added effect.

Technically, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person that appear in a visible form or other manifestation. For centuries, we have been hearing ghost stories. With passing years, ghost stories became part of literature and films. Halloween is a festival of celebrating dead spirits, hence associating ghosts with the rituals of the festival. Ghost costumes are very common as Halloween costumes due to their classic and universal appeal. Ghost costume is very simple to prepare. All you need is a long white robe made from comfortable lightweight fabric with gauze, over the sleeves and on the hood. You can also include a white wig for that ghostly appeal.

Along with other mythical characters, fairies are very common to folk tales. All children love fairies and stories associated with them. Fairies are the good spirits and help people in their troubles. Fairy creatures are quite regular with Halloween theme parties. They are tangent apart from the ghost and the ghouls which is why their importance. To dress up like a fairy, you require a satin dress in soothing colors of pink or white. You can even try a happy green or ice blue for a difference. Don't forget to get a pair of wings for a fairy costume is never complete without that. Also, you may hold a fairy wand, a stick topped with a star, for greater impact.