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The Stone Age family of Flintstones offers a plethora of costumes to choose from. Explore Flintstones costume ideas for Halloween, herein.

Flintstones Halloween Costumes

The animated prime-time television saw, for the first time, the working-class Stone Age family in the form of the Flintstones, which premiered in 1960. The show, which ran for six seasons from 1960 through 1966, became a popular animated series and was even ranked ninth in the "Top 100 Animated TV Shows" by IGN in 2009. The show exhibited the life of the lovable, crazy, and adorable cavemen residing in the prehistoric town of Bedrock portraying tricks and antics. Even though old and outdated, the Flintstones and their next-door neighbors, the Rubbles make great choices for a costume party like Halloween. Whether it is just a solo character or the entire Flintstone family, these Stone Age characters are bound to be sizzle at the costume party. Add a zing of modernity into these traditional Stone Age cave people! Take a look!

Flintstones Halloween Costume Ideas

Fred Flintstone

Time to yell Yabba Dabba Doo and show that you are the master of your cave! If you're game to return to Bedrock, then the typical blue-collar Frederick Joseph Flintstone aka Fred is an ideal character to emulate. Select an orange and black spotted tunic with a fringed bottom edge to reveal the true Stone Age era. The elegant and stylish blue tie, matching cuffs, black wig, and "bare feet" shoe covers add to the perfection of this Bedrock costume. For a great couple look, pair it up with Wilma outfit.

Wilma Flintstone
Stylish, strong-willed, and sociable, Wilma, the typical Stone Age housewife and opposite of Fred, makes another great option for Flintstone Halloween costumes. Show off her style in a traditional single shoulder garb. The all-white dress, with a tattered looking zebra stripped trim sewn on the top and bottom, give it a distinguished look. Couple the dress with a large plastic stone necklace and classic orange wig to complete the graceful Wilma appearance. Paired up with Fred Flintstone costume or the whole Flintstone gang, this costume is sure to be a hit.

Pebbles Flintstone
Everyone's favorite cavegirl, Pebbles Flintstone makes an adorable addition to the family Flintstone theme. Add a little zing and spice to your Pebbles appearance with a pink oversized brushed shirt, having a fleece-like look and feel. The cavegirl appearance is enhanced by the stone pattern covering the shirt and the tattered edges along the bottom and shoulders. Paired with black brushed shorts, matching pink leg covers, and a hot pink wig with an attached bone, this darling costume makes an unforgettable ensemble.

Dino the Dinosaur
Besides Barney Rubble, Fred has another best friend in Snorkasaurus, pet dinosaur. Displaying dog-like characteristics, Dino is known for jumping on Fred and yapping "Woof Woof" loudly. This adorable family pet, too, can be added to the Flintstone family in a soft fleece bodysuit, with an attached plush tail and plush claws sewn at the bottom of the sleeves and legs. Complete the outfit with a matching Dino headpiece.

Barney Rubble
Become the blonde-haired caveman, neighbor, and best friend of Fred in a Barney Rubble ensemble. The brown long coat with a faux fur collar and bottom trim forms the perfect base of the Barney costume. For the authentic look, add on a yellow wig, cuffs, and "bare feet" shoe covers. Pair up with a Fred costume for the best male couple in town.

Betty Rubble
Transform into the fun-loving and sophisticated wife of the Stone Age character, Barney Rubble, in a Betty Rubble outfit! A soft blue short dress with a keyhole opening at the chest is sure to make a sweet and sexy outfit at the gathering. The attractive black belt with attached bones, along with a black wig with attached blue bow, deems this dress a perfect one for any Flintstone costume party.

Bamm-Bamm Rubble
Recreate the strong and adorable look of Bamm Bamm Rubble, the toddler of Barney and Betty, in a cute caveman costume. The vest with an attached form chest will reveal how muscular you are. The orange fleece-like material on the sides and back of the vest adds to the dramatic appearance. The Stone Age era is further enhanced through the black stone pattern and tattered edges on the vest. Pair the vest with brown brushed shorts, "barefeet" shoe covers, white wig with a diminutive caveman hat, and Pebbles Flintstone by your side.