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French maid costumes make fantastic and sexy options for Halloween. This article illustrates French maid Halloween costume ideas.

French Maid Halloween Costumes

Are you game for arousing temptation and intimacy this Halloween? Then, French maid costumes are your take this season. Due to their revealing and sexy designs and patterns, they are regarded as costumes only for adults and not kids. The term "French maid" is used to refer the maids' black and white afternoon uniforms used in the 19th century. However, they are mostly used for sexual roleplaying and fetishism, today. Depending upon the designs, they can be categorized as conservative, revealing, or even lingerie. Sassy and sexy, French maid outfits provide a naughty and seductive look, ready to win the man of your heart. Whether it's a costume party or Halloween party, or even getting dirty in the bedroom, French maid costumes put you in the right mood. This Halloween, transform into a traditional cleaning lady or willing maid with classy ideas on French maid Halloween costumes. Listed below are some of them; read on.

French Maid Halloween Costume Ideas

French Kiss Maid Costume

Reveal your dirty and seductive side dressed in a French kiss maid costume! To resemble a flirtatious French maid's authentic look, pick up an off-shoulder short dress, enhanced by a lovely lace inset, matching bows, ruffle trim on the sleeves, and an attached apron. Complete the ensemble with a matching headpiece, white stockings, white petticoat, and black Frenchie shoes.

Sexy French Maid Costume
Though this attire may not give you the typical French maid look, who cleans the home, but your man sure would have fantasized you in such a way some time or the other. This Halloween, give your man a chance to live his fantasies by donning a sexy French maid black short costume, featuring a built-in white corset and apron. Along with a black hair bow, feather duster, garters, black high heels, and black stockings, you are ready to seduce your love to the fullest.

Frisky French Maid Costume
A French maid by profession and a flirty diva at heart! This frisky French maid costume lets you reveal this side of yours to perfection. A short off-shoulder dress, featuring thin lace trims to rest on the shoulders, an attached white apron, white lace trim on the bottom, and a tie back closure makes an ideal outfit to put on. Couple the dress with a lace choker, matching headpiece, a lace crinoline, and elbow length white gloves to perfect the sexy look.

Playboy French Maid Costume
Sizzle at the Halloween party in a classy yet flirty playboy French maid costume! With a black halter mini dress, you are all set the have those heads turning for a second glimpse. The white lace trim and blows and the white lace apron that are attached the dress add to its beauty. To complete the outfit and show your sex appeal, put on white thigh-high stockings, matching headband, and matching black and white feather duster.

Sassy French Maid Costume
Leave behind the typical white color and move a step ahead in a stylish and trendy pink sassy maid ensemble. You need a tantalizing black mini dress, which features black spaghetti straps, pleated pink trim on the cups, a pink center panel with black bows, and a flare pink skirt. A pink maid hat trimmed in black with a black bow in the front, pink petticoat, black high heels, and white feather duster will make adorable additions.