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Sesame Street is a famous American television series for children. Read the following article to know some funny Sesame Street Halloween costumes.

Sesame Street Halloween Costumes

Halloween parties are always influenced by characters from mythology, novels, movies, cartoons and comics. There are characters for everyone's choice and preference. For legend and mystery lovers, there are costumes of vampires, angels, demons, prince/princess and fairies. For movie fans, they can don the characters of famous movies series like Star Wars, Harry Potter or any other hit movie characters. Apart from these, there are characters from cartoons and TV series that people often use as theme for Halloween parties. One of these popular names is Sesame Street. It is a popular American television series for children, famous for its unique presentation which includes a strong visual style with fast-paced action, humor, and music along with elements of animation and live-action short films. If you are looking for some unique and different outfit for this Halloween, you can try Sesame Street Halloween costumes. There is an additional advantage of choosing Sesame Street Halloween costumes as you get the liberty of selecting from vast number of characters. Some of the popular ones are Abby Cadabby Costume, Elmo Costume, Ernie Costume and Cookie Monster Costume.

Sesame Street Halloween Costume Ideas

Cookie Monster Costume

Cookie Monster is among the most hilarious and funny characters from the Sesame Street. Cookie Monster is quite adorable for its appearance and maneuver. Cookie Monster costume is available for both kids and adults. The costume includes a plush long sleeve shirt and blue colored character head piece.

Elmo Costume
Another very popular character from Sesame Street is Elmo, known for its dynamic nature and unforgettable voice. This adorable character costume consists of a red long sleeved shirt and plush character headpiece. This costume is available for both adults and kids.

Bert and Ernie Costume
Bert and Ernie are two famous characters among the other popular ones of the Sesame Street. This duo costume is a perfect dressing idea for best friends and brothers who are looking for a great dress combination on this Halloween. The Bert and Ernie costume includes their classic shirt and pants, along with their character head pieces.

Oscar the Grouch Costume
Oscar the Grouch is a Sesame Street character known for his bad temper and funny appearance. This costume consists of a plush green torso with attached trash can and plush green headpiece. This costume is available for men, women and kids with different sizes.

Big Bird Costume
Big Bird is the giant yellow bird that roams on Sesame Street. It is a perfect dress for Sesame Street Halloween party where your friends are gearing up in other Sesame Street costumes. The costume includes a yellow dress, leggings, and a yellow headpiece. This costume is available for adults, teens and kids.

Abby Cadabby Costume
Abby Cadabby is a fairy in the television series, Sesame Street. The Abby Cadabby Costume consists of a dress, wings, pom pom hair ties. This costume is available for both the kids and teens. Being a fairy, Abby Cadabby costume is perfectly suited for Halloween.

Count Costume
Count is another popular character from Sesame Street series. Due to its vampire like appearance, it is a perfect addition to Sesame Street Halloween costumes. The Count costume includes a faux jacket with attached shirt, detachable collar, cape, and fabric headpiece.