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Be unique and different from the same old Halloween costumes this year. Explore weird ideas for Halloween costumes, with this article.

Unique Halloween Costumes

Tired of wearing the typical costumes for Halloween parties every year? Looking for some original and unique Halloween costume ideas? Well, read on to find more. Halloween is a spooky holiday that appears once a year on October 31. As such, the very idea of what to be on this day seems to be a daunting task. With so many costumes to choose from, narrowing down to a single and the best is simply next to impossible. Even though you must have settled down on a couple costume ideas on some corner of your mind, but being unique and different at the party puts you in a dilemmatic situation. But that is exactly the basic point of a costume party on Halloween - to put on a dress that no one expects or is perhaps out of context. Nevertheless, there are some unusual and weird costume ideas listed in the lines below, sporting which you are bound to broaden those envious eyes with jealousy. Take a look!

Weird Halloween Costume Ideas

Santa Claus

"Well, it's Halloween and not Christmas. You've put on the wrong dress!" Want everyone to raise that question to you? It is unlikely of anyone to assume a person dressing up as a Christmas icon on Halloween. And that is exactly what you should be targeting. Put on a Santa suit with a large tummy, false beard, a Santa cap, and a bag of goodies to present a delightful blend of both the holidays.

Biblical Figure
Never would have a person thought that a great figure of ancient biblical history would walk down the aisle at a Halloween party. A rare choice, but that's what you call a unique Halloween costume. Put on a long robe tied at the waist, as it is an essential part of any biblical outfit. Wear a long false beard and carry a wooden staff, if you are guy. For girls and kids, cover the head with a towel or cloth, secured with a band around the forehead. For a more authentic and realistic effect, wear sandals. However, closed-toe shoes can be worn in case it's colder.

Put on black or gray clothes. Cut out strings in varying lengths and sew them to your outfit. Tie tiny houses, people, cars, animals, etc. at the end of each string. When asked what have you dressed up as, at the party, spin around swiftly and create sounds of a tornado, to let them guess.

Miss Matched
Buy a pretty gown, similar to the one that beauty queens don, and slip into it. Cut out a wide ribbon, long enough to create a sash that will run around your shoulder. Write "Miss Matched" on the sash in bold letters. Wear different makeup on both sides of the face. Similarly, different hair styles, wear different earrings, different shoes, and different colored nail polish on each side.

Kissing Booth
A perfect Halloween costume for singles, if you are game for receiving kisses from those red and luxurious lips! Find a big box, large enough to fit over your body. Cut out the top and bottom of the box so that you can slip into it. Tie two ropes, each running from one end in the front to the back, to keep the box rested over your shoulders. Put on sexy and attractive clothes and create lipstick kisses all over your clothes and faces. Write "Kisses - $1.00" on the box.

Dust Bunny
If you are feeling a little childish and silly this Halloween, you can slip into one of the funniest costumes for the Halloween party. Cut out bunny ears and a tail from your old pink and white clothes. Dirty them really good in dry dust or mud. Wear a pink outfit and dirty it in the same manner. Do not forget to mess up your hair, one of those '80s styles - teased and tousled.