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Cowboy and cowgirl costumes are the best way to roll back to the Ol' Western Front. Explore cowboy/cowgirl Halloween costume ideas, herein.

Cowboy & Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

The 1800s era was ruled and defined by the historic cowboys in northern Mexico. Though they were initially confined to the prairies and pampas of Spain, South America, and Australia, they became popular in the United States only in mid-1800s. Mostly identified for herding cattle on horseback and performing an assortment of other ranch-related tasks, cowboys also gained popularity for their rugged lifestyles and unique dressing sense. Their dressing and style statements are still admired and highly used at various costume parties, one being Halloween. Since it's a western festival, western costumes have always been a hit for Halloween soirees. For those of you who love the tales of the Wild West, authentic and typical cowboy/cowgirl costumes are simply ideal for that much anticipated Halloween bash. Rope a special lady's heart, packed on your horse in a cowboy costume, or add glitz and glamour to the party in a traditional cowgirl outfit. For great ideas on these Western themed costumes, surf through the following sections.

Cowboy & Cowgirl Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Gunman Poncho Costume

The South American classic era can be refreshed yet again with a gunman poncho costume. The brown poncho, large enough to hang till the waist, with geometric, Southwestern pattern and white fringes serves as a good start. Pair the poncho with a light blue shirt underneath which is attached with a light brown vest lined with fleece on the inside of the openings, collar, and shoulders. Add on a Western gunman cowboy hat, your favorite denims, and a cigar to make this ensemble complete.

Western Sheriff Costume
All set for a gunfight with your pals this Halloween! Choose a western sheriff costume and look straight out of Tombstone. The costume includes a black, duster-like jacket, which splits at the back of the waist and hangs down to the knees on either side. The lapel is attached with a removable sheriff badge. The black vest worn underneath the jacket is embellished with ornate silver buttons and a fake pocket on each side. The dickey worn as the bottom layer of the costume has a glitzy red tie featuring a fake pearl button on the front. Perfect the costume with black western sheriff hat, gun holster, and tall black boots.

Western Mexican Bandit Costume
Whether it is the good, the bad, or the ugly groups, this western Mexican bandit costume makes a unique addition to all. The costume comprises of a long-sleeved white shirt with a V-neck, enhanced by a black vest with gray pinstripes. The black pattern running down both the sides of the front opening and along the bottom edge adds to the beauty of the vest. The shirt and vest are best paired with navy blue pants, featuring white pinstripes. Finish off the deadly Mexican bandit look with bandoliers, gun holsters, and a red scarf with black, white, and gold stripes.

For Women

Gun Slinger Costume

Transform into the queen of the rodeo or cattle drive by slipping on a gun slinger cowgirl outfit. Pick up a brown skirt having an attached belt on the front with a metal belt buckle, along with a red gingham shirt with an attached brown vest. The shiny gold buttons running down the front of the top make an impressive addition. The gold rope cord around one of the belt loops adds to the cowgirl character. Team up the dress with a large triangular red bandana featuring black and white paisley patterns, brown cowgirl hat, and a pair of brown cowgirl boots to be the hit of the Halloween party.

Saloon Girl Costume
Revive the ranch clubs of North America this Halloween and have every cowboy reaching out for a drink from your precious hands. The sexy and seductive saloon costume lets you reveal your naughty side. The ensemble comprises of a black and red dress, featuring a corset top with underwire and off-the-shoulder straps. The black lace and silver sequin trims on the top enhance the outfit. The black skirt, lined with red and black lace, with high sides tied off with red bows ooze out a pretty appearance. Pair up the costume with black-striped stockings, matching headpiece with attached red and black feathers, and a pair of black high heels.

Toy Story Jessie Costume
The Toy Story Jessie is one of the cutest characters to represent at a cowboy/cowgirl costume party. The authentic character jumpsuit with a matching hat help you get into the soul of the character and be the cutest cowgirl at the next Halloween bash. The jumpsuit features a white satin top with long sleeves and a series of large buttons on the enclosure. The bright yellow fabric highlights the chest and cuffs of the shirt, with intricate red stitched detailing to perfection. The bottom is blue colored with printed-on cowhide print chaps. Along with a black vinyl belt featuring a large metallic buckle, Jessie's signature red cowboy hat, and brown cowboy boots, you are ready to ride the prairies of South America.