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Read about the Disney Halloween Costumes and bring your favorite Disney character to life.

Disney Halloween Costumes

Ever since the formation of the Walt Disney Company, such has been the magic woven by them through a string of loving cartoon characters that even after 88 years, the after affects of the magic refuse to wear off. If anything, they continue to grow stronger because of the company's dedication in delivering relatable and hit characters, year after year. Even at Halloween, the costumes of the famous Disney characters continue to lure the dressers: kids and adults alike. The choices are innumerable: whether it's the princess collection featuring costumes of Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, and Snow White or the male leads costumes of Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Prince Charming, Woody, Mr. Incredible, Mickey Mouse, and many more. Moreover, these costumes are available in all shapes and sizes and the complementary accessories that come along with them will help you leave no stone unturned and get into the skin of the character. Continue reading to get some ideas on Disney Halloween costumes.

Disney Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Aladdin Costume

With this costume that includes a costume bodysuit, vest with attached cape and turban with drape & feather; turn into Disney's one of the most loved male lead character, Aladdin. For a total makeover, show up with Abu's soft toy and a toy genie lamp. Imagine your own neighborhood as Agrabah.

Toy Story Woody Costume
Become the lead character, Woody, from one of the most loved and global box office hit animation movie franchise, Toy Story. The costume includes the jumpsuit with printed shirt and belt, attached vest with gold sheriff star and the attached boot covers. Matching handkerchief and the cowboy hat are also included.

Prince Charming
Charm your way into the Halloween party by playing Prince Charming - the lovable stereotype character from Disney's stories who comes to rescue of Snow White, Sleeping beauty, and Cinderella. The costume includes a white military-style tailcoat with gold finged epaulets, gold braids and polished gold buttons, red sash with a medal and ribbon, and the natty royal blue pants.

Davey Jones Costume
Don't want to let go off the Halloween tradition to be some evil? Turn into Davy Jones aka The Flying Dutchman, a menacing pirate from Disney's famous movie franchise, the Pirates of the Caribbean. The costume includes the Davy Jones costume jacket with shirt, belt with buckle and the character mask. Wear on ruffed up leathered pirate boots to complete the look.

For Women

Minnie Mouse Costume

Turn into Disney's one of the oldest and most adored female characters, Minnie Mouse, girl friend to Mickey Mouse. The costume includes Minnie Mouse costume dress with sheer overlay, Minnie Mouse headband with ears and bow. Thigh high stockings and a pair of black heeled boots, purchased separately, will take the cuteness a few notches ahead.

Cruella De Vil Costume
Don't like being cute? Become villainous by transforming into Cruella De Vil, the mean Dalmatian puppy stealer lady from Disney's animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians. The costume includes the Cruella de Vil costume dress, gloves, plush stole and wig. Show up with a Dalmatian puppy soft toy in your hand to add on to the effect.

Cinderella Costume
This Halloween, sneak out of the house as Cinderella and you are sure to catch many eyes, including the ones belonging to your beloved Prince. The costume features an elegant blue & white sleeveless Cinderella costume dress, white glovettes, blue headband, and black choker necklace. Accessorize with earrings and glass slippers (to be purchased at extra cost) to complement the look.

Princess Aurora Costume
Join in the gang of Disney's Princesses by being Princess Aurora, the title character of the Sleeping Beauty. The costume features Princess Aurora's costume dress with gold accents, choker necklace, and gold tiara. Don't forget to wear the attitude of a hopeless romantic, just as the Princess Aurora, and romance will be in the air.