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Head straight to the year 2062 with futuristic costumes from The Jetsons! Explore this article for Jetsons Halloween costume ideas.

Jetsons Halloween Costumes

Pack your bags and get set ready to fly off above the smog, up in the clouds, to the futuristic world, to meet the Jetsons. The first family of the Space Age, the Jetsons are most famous for their cartoon series, which debuted in 1962. In contrast to the Flintstones which elaborated the crazy stone-age era, the Jetsons flew ahead of time displaying all sorts of crazy robotic contraptions and amazing inventions. Their aerocars, shiny space wardrobes, aliens, holograms, gadgets, and gizmos formed the basis of a cosmic and spaced out living. Recreate the retro-futuristic look with Jetsons costumes at your next Halloween party. Right from the leading man George to the jumpy family dog Astro, the alternatives for Jetsons costumes are plenty. Turn into one of these lovable cartoon characters with Jetsons costume ideas listed in the lines that follow.

Jetsons Halloween Costume Ideas

George Jetson

Are you ready for some Hooba-dooba-dooba! The head of the household, George Jetson is a great character to emulate at the Halloween bash. Pick up a futuristic costume featuring a long sleeved, white collared shirt with printed-on black lines in the front and an attached glossy green belt at the bottom. Pair the shirt with vivid blue pants and a moppy, red colored wig. Time to step out straight from the classic cartoon and walk down the party aisle!

Jane Jetson
Become the cutest housewife in space by transforming into the fashionable and gadget geek Jane Jetson. A purple colored short dress, with an attached oversized high collar, lets you reproduce the spunky and stylish first lady of space. Match the dress with purple boot tops that go just above the knees, orange wig, white pearl earrings, and two thin circle bracelets.

Judy Jetson
Pick up a nostalgic Judy Jetson costume and you'll fall in love with the character all over again. The fun and flirty nature of this futuristic teen can be brought forward with a sleeveless, zip-up, light pink top, featuring a large stand-up dark pink color. Team the top with dark pink cropped pants, along with an attached light pink mini skirt. Finish off the ensemble with matching wristlets and platinum blonde wig with a black bow.

Elroy Jetson
Even though Elroy is pint-sized, but he sure knows how to win hearts with his intelligence and expert knowledge of space sciences. To bring life to the Elroy character, get a jumpsuit that features a pair of green overalls and a white undershirt. The circular red collar attached to the top accentuates the jumpsuit. The green beanie cap with a black antenna, topped with a pom pom, enhances the overall outfit.

If you have a dog in your family, nothing can be better than Astro the Dog to complete your Jetsons costume group. The first dog in space, Astro is loyal to his family and speaks in a humanish tone. Let your dog look similar to Astro with the Jetsons inspired outfit. The gray colored jumpsuit with a padded foam collar and soft plush arms will let your dog fit perfectly into your Jetsons family. The Astro face on top of the jumpsuit will add a finishing touch to the entire ensemble.