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Don't fret over what costume to wear on the Halloween night. Rather, go through this article on Adult Halloween Costumes and help yourself.

Adult Halloween Costumes

The time to dress up and act in the craziest and the nuttiest way is here. Yes, it's Halloween! And as the day draws near, the excitement goes higher, so does the urgency to find that perfect costume that will have you noticed when you walk in to the streets full of Halloween nutjobs. But "what to wear" is again the inevitable question that can get you ripping your hair apart. With kids, it's more like wearing a costume of the character they adore the most. But with adults, it's the same as kids plus a costume that will have them stand apart in the crowd at the same time. And the options are in plenty, you just have to do a thorough search as to what level of madness you want to achieve at the night of the Halloween. For the same purpose, we've listed some adult Halloween costume ideas. Even if you don't like one, there are other options that you can explore. Continue reading to know more and get started with the Halloween costume preparation with a bang!

Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Buccaneer Costume

How about diverting from the overused and overdone pirate costume of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and opting for the simplistic yet dashing outfit of a buccaneer? This swash-buckling costume includes vest with mock shirt, lace-up front traditional full sleeves with elastic gathered cuffs and pirate pants. A prop sword and a pair of pirate boots can be purchased separately. An eye patch will look just as good with this costume as it does with any other costume.

Crazy Cat Lady Costume
This is one funny and fun to wear adult Halloween costume for adult men. Funny because its name is crazy cat lady costume, and fun because you'll have too much donning it. Put this costume on and be the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood whose house people are just afraid to step into because there're too many darn cats. This costume comes with a soft pink robe that is loaded with cat faces and tails for a truly creepy look. A cat headpiece is also included to make sure you are over your head in cats! People just won't see it coming!

Moses with Ten Party Commandments Costume
Hail Moses, who'll lead his people to one rocking party this Halloween night. Wear this costume and let everybody know that the God of Party appeared to you and gave you 10 commandments to follow at the night of Halloween partying. The costume includes robe with attached caftan and sash, and a tablet-look hold-on with commandments engraved in front but is actually a beverage dispenser. Wear a fake wig and beard for added effect.

300 Movie Spartan Costume
You call this madness? This is not madness. This is Sparta! Turn into one of the heroic warriors from the famous movie 300 by slipping into this costume. None will bring out your masculine side better than this. The costume consists of a velvet cape, a toga with clasp, gauntlets, shin guards, and a headpiece. To complement the look, don't forget to buy Spartan shoes, a sword, and a spear. Head on to the streets shouting "Hou" as loud as you can. Attention is yours!

Dr. Kill Costume
This Halloween, turn into a doctor who instead of treating his patients, butchers them joyfully like a serial psychopath. The costume comes with a blood stained white lab coat and matching pants, latex gloves, mask, and a plastic syringe with disappearing blood when plunger is pressed. Wear the complete outfit and go on to a killing spree out on the streets. Don't forget to chase after people with the syringe.

For Women

Classic Witch Costume

Whether the Harry Potter series played its part in this or you had a previous fascination towards the mysterious witches, the classic witch costume is just for you. The costume includes a full length black skirt, an elegant black cape, and a wide witch hat with attached sheer scarf. Witchy shoes, broom, and stockings can be bought separately to complement the look. Haunt your neighborhood with squeaky ear piercing laughter.

Greek Goddess Costume
Most of the times when a women receives a compliment for her beauty, it's compared with the beauty of the Greek goddesses. This is so because the Greek goddesses were the most beautiful beings in all of the Greece. Wear this costume that includes a criss-crossed low cut front dress with gold detailing, off shoulder sleeves, and a gold headpiece made from gold leaves. The look will be a sure shot head turner!

Burlesque Costume
The burlesque costume may be lesser on the skimpier side but is in no way any less appealing to the eyes. The costume includes dramatic cascade dress with ruffle trim and bows, top hat with feather, fingerless gloves, striped stockings and tap shorts. To complete the look, blonde wig and black platform shoes can be purchased separately.

Vampire Bat Wings Costume
There's no question that the vampire look is sure to be seen all around the town and looking apart from the crowd will be a tough nut to crack. But worry no more, for the vampire bat wings costume is here to get you noticed, big time. The dress fits in like a shrug or vest with arms fitting in like they do with gloves. Folding your arms will make it look like nothing more than a cape. But open your arms and the cape will transform into two giant bat wings. No entrance will be more astonishing than this!

Genie Costume
Transform into everybody's dreamy genie in the bottle with this costume that includes a full length vest with arm veils and jeweled cuffs, capri style pantaloons with gossamer legs, belly chain, headpiece with gold band, and choker. To make the costume more exciting and exotic, do buy a pair of gold slippers. Carry an empty bottle with you, rubbing which you'll appear to grant the three wishes.