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Confused over which animal you want to turn into this coming Halloween? Go through this article on Animal Halloween Costumes and decide which one it's going to be.

Animal Halloween Costumes

Among the many good things about Halloween, one is that you can wear from anything to everything and walk away with a bag full of compliments. And among the creepiest costumes or freakiest themes that exist in the Halloween season, one is the costumes of various animals that although are quite simplistic, remain the hot favorites. From adults to the little ones, animal costumes are consistently worn, Halloween after Halloween. The best way to select an animal whose costume you want to wear on the Halloween night is by going over a list of animals and seeing how you relate to them. Is it the dog you like, or the cat; is it the rhino that fascinates you, or is it the monkey that makes you tickle? Think it over and then go make a purchase. Below have been provided some animal costume ideas to help you make a start; go through the part if there any animal in whose likeness you'd want to appear on the night of the Halloween.

Animal Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Shark Attack Costume

Want to portray a dilapidated soul who has been eaten by a shark? It happens only at Halloween! Get into the costume and give an illusion that the shark's got the better of you. The costume fits more than half way up your body with everything in the shark's tummy except for your upper body portion minus one hand. The costume has open bottom, allowing you to move freely. For more creepiness, pair up with somebody with shark attack hat (shark's jaw dug into the head) on his/her head.

Werewolf Costume
Of all the ghouls that come out at night when the moon is at its full, a werewolf is definitely the creepiest of the lot, capable of inflicting gut-splitting gory horror. Or so has been depicted in the movies. If a werewolf is your favorite animal character, then a werewolf costume is just the thing for you on this Halloween night. The costume includes a shirt with attached fur and a werewolf mask. Wear dark colored worn out jeans for better effect. What's more, you won't even need a full moon to display your murderous canine abilities.

Giant Roach Costume
For long, cockroaches have been scaring the bejesus out of many people, young and adults alike, and are probably one of the most hated creepy crawlies. Think of the mayhem if one giant roach were to roam around streets, shaking its antenna and making people climb on trees. Although the mayhem will be nothing but a spoof, the fun that is to be had from this will be anything untainted. The costume is a poly foam tunic with an attached hood, and fits easy and zips in the front. Two large antennas are attached to the hood and the tunic has three pairs of legs.

For Women

Mermaid Costume

Almost everybody has seen The Little Mermaid cartoon series as kids and those who haven't, must have at least heard about the little mermaid named Ariel. Since then, many little girls and adult women who watched the show thought about transforming into a mermaid and blending right in to the underwater world. For little girls and women such as these, mermaid costumes are available that somewhat fulfill the wish to turn into half human half fish creature. The costume includes a corset top, sequined skirt, and sequin starfish headpiece. After wearing this, you'll definitely be a star in the sea of people.

Peacock Costume
There wouldn't be a single baby on earth who wouldn't chase after a peacock if it saw one right in front or a single person who wouldn't go "hey look, a peacock". It's because peacock is one of the most exotically beautiful birds that there are. Turn into your favorite bird by wearing a peacock costume this Halloween. The costume includes a one piece dress, a fan tail that secures at the waist with a ribbon that strings through the dress and ties in the front, a neck tail, and a head piece. The costume is sure to catch much attention, may be with people chasing after you.

Bee Costume
Though cliched, the honey bee costume is an all time hit among the female fans of the Halloween. This costume includes a black and yellow drop waist dress with elastic shoulder straps to stick the wings, a black skirt, a head piece with antennas attached to it, and leggings. To don a complete look, you can buy black and yellow tights, a honey pot handbag, and honey bee shoes in addition. With this costume, buzzing around the neighborhood will prove to be loads of fun.

Apart from these animal costumes, there are many that are available in the market in sizes for babies to children to adults. A list of few has been given below Chicken Costume, Chimpanzee Costume, Reindeer Costume, Cow Costume, Dalmatian Dog Costume, Elephant Costume, Fly Costume, Frog Costume, Gecko Costume, Horse Costume, Ladybug Costume, Lion Costume, Panda Beer Costume, Parrot Costume, Pig Costume, Puppy Dog Costume, Polar Beer Costume, Rooster Costume.