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Don't wait for your favorite holiday to arrive, as Halloween is almost here. Go through this article to get a few ideas on Holiday Halloween Costumes.

Holiday Halloween Costumes

You cannot wear a Halloween costume on any other holiday without being verbally stoned to death but you can definitely wear a costume from any other holiday on Halloween and have as much fun as you'd have with any other costume. That's the USP of Halloween for you: you can celebrate any of your favorite holiday, be it 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, St Patrick's Day, Valentine, or Mardi Gras. The costume will be different (deviating from what is normally worn on Halloween), only a few would be thinking on the same terms as you, and most importantly: even lesser will be expecting you to show up as Santa Claus or a Native American pilgrim. These costumes are available in all shapes and sizes; catering to men, women, and children. If you too want in on the fun, continue reading through the section below and get a few ideas what other holiday costumes are there to wear on Halloween.

Holiday Halloween Costume Ideas

Abraham Lincoln Costume

Bring the 4th of July to Halloween by transforming into the 16th President of the United States by getting into this costume that includes a long black collared frock coat with an attached black vest, attached white shirt front, black bow-tie, and a distinctive tall black stovepipe hat with an attached mask. Talk about taking America to a new level by promoting economic and financical moernization.

Santa Claus Costume
"Ho Ho Ho... Merry Halloween! Say what?" That's how many of your conversations are going to go once you come crashing down the roof as it'll be an utter shock for rest of the people to see Santa on Halloween. This classic costume includes red jacket with white trim, red pants, red hat with white trim, belt with gold buckle, and black boot tops with white trim.

Jolly Jester Costume
With this Jolly Jester costume from the Mardi gras holiday, infuse some carnival spirit in the horror filled night of the Halloween. The colorful costume includes an over-sized Mardi Gras Jester headpiece with hat, chest piece with face and hair, jumpsuit and shoe covers. It will be a rather unexpectedly fun culmination of the Halloween night for you and people involved in carnival spirit with you.

Lady Leprechaun Costume
Bring in some Irish lady luck with this leprechaun costume tailored made an adult woman. It includes an emerald green velvet jacket with a gold trimmed collar, attached leaf green vest with gold trim and clover accents, matching skirt with a black waistband, gold bow tie and the mini top hat on headband. Accessorize with shamrock rimless glasses (not included) for a complete look.

Naughty Lady Cupid Costume
Blend Halloween with Valentine! Smite the hate-filled evil doers of the Halloween with the love-filled arrows of the cupid, a naught lady cupid to be more precise. This stunning costume for the ladies includes a top, skirt, bow and arrow, and the wings. For a complete naughty lady cupid makeover, wear thigh high stockings and pink multi layered fluffy petticoat (to be purchased separately).

Female Pilgrim Costume
People, especially men, will be giving thanks to you for showing up in this classic thanksgiving costume that is easy to wear and includes a polyester and cotton made black dress with white cuffs, white apron, and black shells; a white bonnet that ties under the chin, and a white back bib collar that slips over the head.