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Muppets are nothing but an extension of the crazy side of your personality! This Halloween, let that side come to surface when you walk among the people dressed up as your favorite Muppet.

Muppet Halloween Costumes

They're goofy, they're energetic, they're lively - they are the Muppets, a group of puppet characters created by Jim Henson. The term "muppet" is both, a legal trademark and an informal name to the characters. Over the years, the Muppets has grown in scope and fun quotient with a lot of characters, representing humans, animals, robots, extra terrestrial beings, mythical beings, monsters, and newly imagined creatures, that have been later added to the show. Getting into the skins of The Muppets characters, literally, is one fine way of spending a clean and joyous Halloween day with your family and friends. Performing the crazy antics, by bringing out your "that side" of the personality, just as the characters do on the show will provide you and the people around you with laughter aplenty. Go through the list of Muppets characters and decide which one best suits your crazy side.

Muppet Halloween Costume Ideas

Kermit the Frog Costume

Turn into Kermit the frog, the famous Muppet created by Jim Henson, by donning this costume that includes a black tuxedo style jacket with attached shirt and bow tie, vinyl character front face half mask, green felt gloves, and green felt frog feet shoe covers. Wear black pants for gentle-frogly appearance. Although don't expect a kiss from a maiden to turn back into human!

Miss Piggy Costume
Transform into Miss Piggy, another Muppet who went on to become one of the central characters of the show, and believe that you're destined for stardom with this costume that includes a long red satin dress, elbow length gloves in white, costume necklace, synthetic hair with with attached ears, and a pig nose made of latex. Pair up with Kermit the frog and strangle him with unwanted kisses, as was done by Miss Piggy in the show.

Animal Muppet Costume
Be the primitive man and a crazy drummer that Animal is on The Muppets Show. The costume includes a faded red shirt of sleeves and an abstract design on the front, character mask made from latex with two slits in the mouth for your eyes to see through them, silver collar velcros with attached chain, and a pair of brown drumsticks. Wear torn out jeans, keep grunting and shouting while beating the imaginary drums with the drumsticks for extra animal effect!

Fozzie Bear Costume
Act like good natured Fozzie bear Muppet, a standup comedian with a repertoire of bad jokes, and be on the receiving end of rotten tomatoes. The costume includes a light brown colored faux fur made of acrylic, matching hand covers made of same material, large polka dotted neck tie, and a character mask made of latex with eye openings. Go around telling humorless jokes to people and going "wocka wocka wocka". A lot of fun is to be had with this.

Gonzo Muppet Costume
With this costume, turn into the whacky performance artist, stuntman, and daredevil that Gonzo is on the show. It includes a polyester made yellow shirt with fuzzy blue material at neck and sleeves and Gonzo's decal in centre, a red and gold colored cape, socks and gloves made of same fuzzy blue material, red shorts in satin, and a character mask with eye opening for clear vision. The Great Gonzo has a knack of messing around with Miss Piggy's temper, thus giving you a license to go cuckoo!