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This halloween, be the prettiest girl working as a photographer's model by wearing these Pin Up girl halloween costumes. Explore this article to know more!

Pin Up Girl Halloween Costumes

For people it's difficult to tell apart one girl from another when almost all of them have been dressed up, more or less in the same way. And for girls, the best way to snatch attention from men at Halloween is when every other girl is going for the spooky, and you emerge from nowhere dressed up as sophisticatedly sexy as possible; diverting away from the cliched dressers. This is possible by being a pin up girl at the night of the halloween. To clarify, a pin up girl is a model whose mass produced pictures receive worldwide appeal as a popular culture. They are called pin up because their pictures get informally attached to the walls with a pin. Many fashion models and actresses have been known to end up as pin up girls because of their widely loved photographs in magazines or newspapers. You too can get instant attention by donning the pin up girl costumes on halloween night. Here are a few costume ideas for pin up girls, make sure to have a read before you leave to buy one.

Pin Up Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

50s Pin Up Girl Costume

Look just as sexy as the calendar girls do with this 50s pin up girl costume that includes a black dress with sweetheart top made of nylon and spandex blend and a bolero attached underneath the arms. The dress is imprinted with polka dots in white. And the sleeves and bottom hemline have red and green cherries imprinted on them. Add ons such as red high heels and pin up girl wig will further enhance the look.

French Pin Up Girl Costume
When you get into this French Pin Up girl costume, even those don't know French will be uttering Bonjour Mademoiselle out of nowhere. The costume includes black and white horizontal stripes, leather like belt with black buckle, red beret, and red neck scarf will accentuate the look. Wear long sleeved black gloves and hold a cigarette holder for even better effect.

Army Pin Up Girl Costume
For long, many a men have had the honor of being looked upon with wanting glares from the women. It's time the tables turned, and this Army Pin Up Girl costume is here to do just that. The costume includes a tan dress with buttons up the front and black lace along the sides. Army stars and patches above the chest pockets, and black garters are also bundled up along with an army hat.

Sexy Sailor Girl Costume
With this sexy Sailor Girl Costume, men will be lining up outside your ship, waiting to travel to the far end of the world. The costume includes a ruffled bottom dress made of stretchable polyester with white collar and blue ribbon accent, a silken red ribbon bow attached on the chest, and mini sailor hat. The dress is a comfortable fit and sexy sailor costume shoes will add a whole new dimension to the overall look.

Sucker Punch Baby Doll Costume
This sexy baby doll look from the movie Sucker Punch is drive many out of their skins to have one more look at you. The costume includes a sexy sailor style crop top, mini skirt with high slit, head piece and thigh highs. A prop sword, hand bandage, and shoes can be bought separately and will authenticate the look, just as baby doll's. Dance and kill at the same time!

Robin Hood Pin Up Girl Costume
Robin Hood was never this sexier, especially now that she is a woman. The costume includes a lavish lace-up vinyl trimmed dress, a brown waist satchel, puff sleevelettes, a lace petticoat, a coordinating hat with red feather, and matching knee length boot covers. A dummy bow and arrow and matching Robin Hood shoes for women can be purchased separately.