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Go through this article on Crayon Halloween Costumes to know about what types of crayon costumes are available.

Crayon Halloween Costumes

If the world would have been just black & white; it would seem devoid of any life and totally dull. It's the colors that make being present on Earth so life-like. It's the colors that made your eyes sparkle when you were able to see and perceive your first when you an infant. It's the colors that made you grab little colorful crayons to make doodles on the first thing you saw as a toddler. It's with an array of your favorite colors painted on your bedroom walls that you grew up. Even today, your favorite colors must surely reflect in your wardrobe too. This Halloween, bring back the memories of playing with your favorite colors by turning into your favorite colors. The color choices are plenty and the sizes caters from infants to plus sized adults. Below have been given some crayon costumes to wear on Halloween, have a read!

Crayon Halloween Costume Ideas

Unisex Costumes

Blue Crayola Crayon Costume

Color yourself in the tranquil color of the sky and the ocean with this costume that includes the medium blue tunic with black crayon wrapper printing and crayola detailing, and the crayon-top hat. It is also the color of loyalty, creativity, intelligence, strength, and wisdom.

Green Crayola Crayon Costume
Be the calming and refreshing green color that symbolizes nature, growth, money, fertility, and safety. The costume includes the fun green tunic with printed crayon wrapper and Crayola logo detailing, and the crayon-top hat. It is also easy on the eyes.

Red Crayola Crayon Costume
Color in red with this costume that includes the bright red tunic with crayon wrapping and crayola detailing, and the crayon-top cone hat. Red is often associated with powerful emotions of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood, and war. It also symbolizes pride and strength.

Yellow Crayola Crayon Costume
Turn into the brightest color with this yellow crayon costume that includes includes the fun tunic in bright, sunny yellow with crayon wrapper printing and crayola logo, and the crayon-top hat. This cheerful and energetic color represents youth, fun, happiness, and sunshine.

Box of Crayons Costume
Be not just one but eight colors at once with this box of crayons costume for men and women that includes tunic printed to look like a classic box of everyone's favorite crayons in 8 bright and vivid colors!

For Women Teens Tweens

Tickle Me Pink Crayola Costume

This Tickle Me Pink costume for adult women, teens, and tweens includes the take-style mini dress in a bright, sassy pink with fun Crayola crayon wrapper detailing and the jaunty pink mini hat. The pink color symbolizes universal love and feelings of care, tenderness, self-worth, and acceptance.

Purple Crayola Costume
This light purplish color represents royalty, nobility, prestige, and at the same time mystery, magic, power, and luxury. The costume is for adult women, teens, and tweens and includes a tank-style mini dress in a delicate purple with lighter purple and black crayon wrapper detailing, and a matching mini hat.

Sky Blue Crayola Costume
Sky blue is a calming color of inspiration, sincerity, and spiritualism. With this costume that includes a tank-style mini dress in a clear blue color with Crayola crayon wrapper detailing, and the conical mini hat; merge with the color of the sky.