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Chronicles of Narnia is one of the very popular book series and movie franchise. Read the following article to know about the various costumes available based on the series.

Chronicles of Narnia Halloween Costumes

"Narnia", the ultimate fantasy world is the place where every kid wants to be. Narnia is the location where the adventures from Chronicles of Narnia are based. The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of fantasy novels written by C. S. Lewis. Such was the craze that the series was loved by kids from all across the world. The book series was adapted into movies first time in 2005 with release of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Since then, the characters of Narnia have been a favorite among kids and adults alike. It is the popularity of the book series and huge financial success of the Narnia films that catapulted its characters from mere fiction to every child's conscience. The principle characters like Aslan, the White Witch, Pevensie siblings and Prince Caspian have become major attractions of theme parties due to their ancient and mythical appearance. For special occasions like Halloween where every individual tries to beat the other with his unique choice of costume and make-up, costumes of these prominent characters can set you apart from the crowd and will give you distinct appearance. Here is a list of 'Chronicles of Narnia' Halloween costumes ideas that you can use.

Chronicles of Narnia Halloween Costume Ideas

For Girls

Princess Lucy Costume

Princess Lucy, the youngest of the four Pevensie siblings is the most adorable and important character of the fantasy novel series. Every girl who has seen the Chronicles of Narnia movies wants to be like her. In this occasion of Halloween, you can use the pretty costume of this angelic princess, which includes an orange and white soft polyester dress with an attached black belt.

Queen Susan Costume
Being one of the four Pevensie siblings, she is among the protagonists of the series. She is quite popular among fans for her kindness and beauty. The Renaissance costume dress is ideal for portraying a young Queen Susan. The costume includes a royal blue velvet dress with gold trim and white bodice.

White Witch Costume
White Witch is one of the characters from the Chronicles of Narnia. She froze the Narnia hence resulting in Hundred Years Winter. Being a witch, she is perfectly suitable to don for special occasions like Halloween, where everyone turns out in the costumes of witches, demons and other mythical characters. To portray her, you need a long white and bluish dress and a luxurious fur coat. Pair this with a blonde dreads wig and a crystal crown.

For Boys

Prince Caspian Costume
The handsome prince from Chronicles of Narnia is back to please his fans. Prince Caspian is not only adorable for his charm but also quite hit among Narnia fans. On this Halloween, you can don the character the character of Prince Caspian to surprise your friends. The costume would include a tunic with faux chainmail sleeves and attached hood, across-the-chest belt with buckle, detachable shoulder pads, attached belt with buckle and pants.

King Peter Halloween Costume
Another cool and trendy addition to the costumes of Narnia characters is the King Peter costume. King Peter is one of the main protagonists from the Chronicles of Narnia. For Narnia fans, he is quite charming and ideal for imitation. King Peter costume is perfect for Halloween due to its mythical and royal appeal. It comprises of a deluxe polyester red shirt with golden lion emblem on the front, faux chainmail sleeves and sewn in tabard, deluxe silver helmet with visor, two silver shoulder guards, black sewn in belt with golden metal buckle, and black pants.

Aslan - The Lion Costume
Aslan, the Lion is the central character in the Chronicles of Narnia. Not only is he the King of Narnia, but also the most lovable animal character from the Chronicles. Due to its wild appearance, the lion costume is a perfect show stealer in Halloween parties.

Dragon Knight Costume
Basically proposed for kids, this costume is another great addition from the popular the Chronicles of Narnia. The costume includes chest piece, helmet, jumpsuit and shoulder guard. You can hold a sword for that perfect look. On Halloween, a dragon knight costume will provide a mythical appearance perfectly suiting the occasion.