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Rock the Halloween party in a classic vampire costume. Raid this article for a unique collection of ideas for vampire Halloween costumes.

Vampire Halloween Costumes

Since ancient times, vampires have held a captive audience. The release of numerous vampire movies and new vampire book series has increased their popularity throughout the world. Whether it is a male vampire clad in stand up collars, flowing capes, and fangs, or a female counterpart boasting of long flowing hair parted in the middle and ruby red lipstick plastered on the lips, vampires have played a major role since the beginning. And when it comes to the ghoulish and scary festival of Halloween, vampires form an essential element of the holiday celebrations. Such is the significance and recognition that they have also been incorporated into costumes for spooky and weird Halloween parties. Since the start of Halloween costuming in the United States in the 1900s, vampire costumes have been a big hit, among both young and old. Bring out that creepy and wicked character within by donning a blood-sucking vampire outfit this Halloween. Check out ideas on costumes for a vampire themed Halloween party in the lines that follow.

Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas

Gothic Vampire

Let the guests at the party bump into the most suave and charming vampire, they'd ever thought of and met. Nevertheless, let them be wary of your bloody intentions of targeting their neck and hearts. Put on black pants with a burgundy velvet vest that has attached low sheen white satin shirt sleeves, completed with antique gothic buttons. A full length flowing black satin cape with a deep red lining, stand up collar, and gothic chain and button closure completes the vampire effect. A pair of white gloves and a jeweled medallion will be an added attraction.

Gothic Vampira
Transform into a posh vampiress, who's ravishing with beauty and elegance! A formal full-length flowing black crushed panne, trimmed with lace, and deep red shimmer satin gown, trimmed with black loop braid and antique silver gothic buttons, should be on your list while shopping for a gothic vampira costume. A jeweled velvet choker and tulle & lace full petticoat will further enhance the entire appeal of a gorgeous vampira.

Count of Transylvania
Get a little mysterious with a gothic costume that reveals the vampire lord in you. The Count of Transylvania should comprise of a cape with collar, vest with attached sleeves, and jabot. Team up the outfit with rich black pants, black shoes, white gloves, and vampire makeup to stand out in the crowd.

Graveyard Vampiress
Howl and scare the guests in the darkness of the Halloween night in a graveyard vampiress costume. A ruffled dress in jet black or navy blue color, with an attached stand up collar and belt, is sure to give the guests a terrific fright.

Lady Von Blood
Infuse fright into the frightful night of Halloween and make this holiday even more ghoulish with Victorian vampire costume - Lady Von Blood. The dark black dress with blood red trim will give you a seductive and creepier appearance. The sharp, eye-catching collar with a pretty bloody capelet will add to your terrifying vampire outfit.

Baron Von Bloodshed
The handsome, well-off vampire baron can be emulated on the scary night of Halloween. Put on a full-length black jacket with intricate lace work on the sleeves, coupled with black pants and black shoes to completely get into the character. Typical vampire makeup and teeth will add more to the gory and fierce look of Baron Von Bloodshed.

Twilight Twinkle
Rule the entire vampire world as you set out for a ravenous journey, dressed in a Twilight Twinkle ensemble. A layered mini skirt with red fiber optic lights and hidden pockets to on/off the switch, a corset style top with a red lace up front, and a matching red cape with a vampire collar is what you will require to get into the typical Twilight vampire character. Adorn your neck with a black necklace, further beautified by a metallic pendant.