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This Halloween, dress up Avatar style and grab some eyeballs. Read the following article to know some trendy Avatar Halloween costume ideas.

Avatar Halloween Costumes

In 2009 released a movie which changed the way the world looked at a science fiction tale. This ground-breaking epic drama, directed by James Cameron, broke all box-office records, grossing a record high of $2 billion in terms of revenue. Avatar, as we know it as, not only became a worldwide blockbuster, but a global phenomenon. Following this, it was natural for Avatar goodies and merchandise to take the commercial market by storm. Be it young or old, men or women, everyone can be seen in the Avatar fever. This Halloween, you too get into the blue-fever of Avatar and celebrate the occasion with panache amidst your friends and family members, instead of the usual witch and vampire thing. Get your act right and watch yourself zoom in the perfect Avatar style for Halloween. What's more, the movie offers dozens of innovative and unique costumes for its fans. You can use any of these costumes depending on your choice. Here are listed some of the trendiest Halloween costumes from Avatar, just for you.

Avatar Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men

Jake Sully Costume
Jake Sully is the main character and hero of the film. He fights for the Na'vi people and wins the heart of all for his good character and wise nature. This Halloween, be the hero and surprise you friends and family alike. The costume includes a tan jacket with ruched shoulders, attached black shirt and Na'vi style sleeves and tan pants with attached tail. This costume also includes a character mask that will help you look like Jake Sully himself. For all guys out there, this costume is your sure shot way of getting noticed.

Jake Sully 3/4 Vinyl Adult Mask
To give more realistic look to your Avatar costume, you can use the Jake Sully 3/4 Vinyl Adult Mask. This vinyl character mask includes sculpted hair, lime green eyes and intricate Na'vi style skin details to give you the real appearance of the rugged Na'vi warrior. Complete your Avatar make up, with this mask on this special occasion of Halloween.

Jake Sully Adult Wig
The wig available for Jake Sully costume consists of a jet black braided wig that accentuates the costume making it look real. This wig is a perfect choice of guys who are opting for Jake Sully costume this Halloween.

For Women

Neytiri Costume

Neytiri is the female lead character of the movie. Daughter of the leader of the Na'vi people, she is the love interest of Jake Sully and a warrior princess. Along with Jake, her character is among the most popular characters from the Avatar movie. This Halloween, take a step back from the customary witch and vampire costume and adopt the Neytiri style to grab some eyeballs. The costume consists of a blue striped body suit, the loincloth, an arm gauntlet as the sign of a real warrior and two sets of multicolored beads for the wrist and the apron. This body suit completes with a tail, which is important for Na'vi for their existence. You can add a pair of sexy black shoes with this costume, to give it more realistic look.

Neytiri Deluxe Adult Wig
Neytiri, the Pandoran Princess is one of the favorite characters from the movie Avatar. To give the Neytiri in you a better appearance, you can use a Neytiri Deluxe Adult Wig. This wig consist of one jet black wig featuring large and small braids, cherry red beads and attached feathers, perfectly suiting your Neytiri costume.

For Unisex

Avatar Make-Up Kit

No depiction of character is complete unless you have donned the costume and applied the right kind of makeup that brings out the character and gives it a realistic appearance. On the same grounds, the concept of Avatar costume is incomplete without Avatar makeup. Buy a kit that includes blue, white and black cream makeup, light blue glitter gel and a set of silver face jewels. Use this make up to give yourself the appearance of a Pandoran warrior! Have a blue-Halloween this year.