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Are you looking for some cheap Halloween costume ideas that you can use for this Halloween? Read the following article to get some cheap but very appropriate Halloween costume ideas.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

The time to scare people out of their wits is back! Halloween is among the best festivals in the world and is quite popular in Western part of the world, especially America. Whether it is children or adults, everyone seems to be enjoying the festive mood of Halloween. From simple ancient rituals, Halloween has now transformed into a big-time festival wherein visiting haunted places, throwing lavish parties and tricking and treating people have become the order of the day. Halloween also gives an opportunity to people to dress up in the most unlikely of fashion without anyone giving a weird look. Reportedly, every year Americans spend thousands of dollars on their Halloween parties. However, not all families can spend so lavishly on a single celebration or party, thanks to the uprising inflation level and decreasing income. As such, they look for the cheaper and inexpensive methods to celebrate Halloween. With a little bit of effort and some creativity, you can come up with the best of Halloween costumes at affordable rates. To help you get started given below are a few cheap but totally scary and eerie ideas.

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Pirate Style

All thanks to Pirates of Caribbean franchise, the image of pirates has transformed from being scary and filthy criminals to funny and adventurous fellows. Since the release of first movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003, pirate costume has become a hit in Halloween-themed parties. Not only this costume is popular, but it is also quite cheap. You would be surprised to find most of the items in your closet itself. The costume include a collared long-sleeve shirt, vest, pants cut into knickers, boots or clunky shoes. This is coupled with funky jewelry in the form of earrings, necklace and rings. While belt or sash adorns the waist, bandanna works best for the head. Grab hold of the attire and get ready for some pirate action this Halloween.

Cowboy / Cowgirl
For decades now, cowboy and their culture have been a common theme for costume parties especially in Halloween. The rugged looking wild image of men dressed in earthy tones, wearing hats and boots and riding horse is extensively popular. The attire for cowboy includes long-sleeve plaid shirt, blue jeans, belt with a large shiny buckle, cowboy boots, cowboy hat and red bandanna. For women who want to dress up as cowgirl, add a feminine touch by replacing the jeans with a denim skirt.

The scary decoy is back! Scarecrow has been in human civilization for centuries. Due to its scary appearance, it is an appropriate costume for Halloween. This costume includes plaid shirt, blue jeans with holes, work gloves, boots, straw hat, face paint and a rope which can work as a belt or kept around the neck and wrists. All these material are easily available in households and are quite cheap to arrange. Scarecrow can be perfect solution for your search of cheap Halloween costumes.

This Halloween, instead of scaring people, rub their funny sides and watch them smile gleefully. Clowns have a universal appeal. Not only are they funny, but they also please people of all ages. What's more, some clowns can make kids feel scared as well. Dressing up like a clown is quite easy and cheap. All you need some colorful clothes, fabric paint or markers, large pom-pom, a cheap wig, hat, and some make-up.

Who says nerds cannot get attention? There are dozens of movies showing how the nerds hold centre stage in a movie and how they turn out saving the world in the end. Nerdy people due to their introvert nature remain aloof from other people that add to their mysterious quotient. Also these people dress differently from other normal people. Dressing like a nerd is quite easy. All you need to do is slick back your hair, grab a pant that is up to the ankle, white shirt, white socks, penny loafers, or lace up oxfords, pocket protector, with lots of pens. Accessorize the dress with dark rim glasses and briefcase and you are ready for the Halloween party!