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Looking for ideas for your baby's Halloween costume? Dress up your cute infant in one of the adorable Halloween costumes listed herein for babies.

Baby Halloween Costumes

Babies are cute, sweet, pretty, charming, adorable, lovable, endearing, beautiful - the characteristic list goes on and on. Pick up a dress for them and they promise to give you the best picture in it you've taken anytime before. In fact, all baby dresses are unique and attractive, making a lifetime of fond memories. Especially when the festive season is around, every store and mart offers a plethora of outfits to choose from. So, when it's Halloween and your baby's first, you can't take a chance and would obviously want your baby to look its best on the D-day. For, these are the little moments which when pulled out years later in the form of photo albums will make you realize how cute and adorable your baby looked on its first Halloween bash. Right from lions and tigers to bunnies and bugs, from butterflies and bees to pizzas and peas, the ideas for dressing up your little one are plentiful. Take a look at the below listed fun and cute costume ideas for Halloween for your little trick-or-treater.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Infants

Animal Costumes

You'll love your little baby dressed in fun and plush costumes boasting of the animal kingdom. Let it be the king of the neighborhood in a lil' bitty lion outfit or let it haunt the Halloween world in a lil' batty bat costume. So, whether it is the inky black kitty, stinker skunk, precious puddle, naughty puppy, bitty beagle puppy, sock monkey, classic dragon, mini monster, love bird, lucky lamb, pink hippo, or cutie octopus, you'll love and enjoy dressing your baby in a baby animal outfit. Other animal costume ideas include squiggly piggy, dino dinosaur, little bunny, shark bait, admirable giraffe, cozy cow, lovable lamb, and green triceratops.

Insects and Flowers Costumes
Well, humans and animals aren't just the ones who celebrate Halloween. Insects and flowers, too, love being infused in the essence of the scary festival. The creepiness and eeriness of the insects and flowers can be brought forward by babies through cute and attractive outfits, exhibiting the same theme. Let your baby bloom into a fresh flower in a blossom infant costume, or become the most precious flower in town in a daisy love-me-love-me-not outfit. Bumble bee, ladybug, bizzy little bee, stinger the bee, butterfly, sunflower, and spring flower are some other insect and flower options for impersonating at the Halloween bash.

Baby Bunting Costumes
For very young babies who have not yet reached the stage of firming their feet on the ground, an infant sleeping bag costume, or bunting costume, would be highly recommended. A bunting is a bag-like garment used for slipping in infants while sleeping. Though they are generally found in regular designs, these days, they are modified to suit the themes of many festivals. You can find baby bunting costumes for Halloween in most stores and marts selling festive garments. Whether it is a calcium-loaded banana, rocking lobster, sweet and delicious tootsie roll, or the yummy and finger-licking hot dog, alternatives for bunting outfits are available in abundance. Candy corn, pea pod, chili pepper, white shark, unique unicorn, vibrant shrimp, flattering butterfly, adorable bumblebee, pretty mermaid, muscular Spiderman, powerful policeman, and healthy carrot are just a few of the many apt choices for baby bunting costumes for Halloween.

Classic Costumes
Nothing can be better than dressing your baby is a classic and typical Halloween outfit. Since Halloween is all about ghouls, pumpkins, witches, spiders, spirits, bats, devils, skeletons, and vampires, these essentials can be incorporated into Halloween outfits for babies as well. The batty bats, itsy bitsy spiders, cute devils, puny pirates, wickedly witches, cutie pumpkins, lovable vampires, pretty angels, pink princesses, wacky skeletons, and plump goblins make great and ideal ideas for traditional baby outfits.