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The cool Jersey-esque costumes of Jersey Shore are great ideas for Halloween parties. This piece enlists Jersey Shore Halloween costumes.

Jersey Shore Halloween Costumes

If you follow the Jersey Shore show on MTV, you know what we are referring to, when we mention Snooki, JWow, Pauly D, The Situation, Vinny, Ronnie & Sammie, and Angelina. An American entertaining reality television show, the eight cast members leave you side-splitting and laughing your heart out, through the 15-minute affair. Not just the characters are humorous and wacky, but the costumes, they exhibit, exemplify the dance club look, yet another unique characteristic in the show. The built-in muscles, wife beater shirts, and meticulously styled wigs of The Situation and Pauly D, and the micro mini dresses of Snooki are the most talked-about elements of the show. However, the unique costumes they flaunt have an urbane style, which appear to be Halloween outfits rather than everyday clothing. And since Halloween is all about weirdness and nuttiness, Jersey Shore costumes seem to fit perfectly into this spooky theme. Have a wild time at the Halloween gathering this season with a wacky yet hilarious costume from this reality television series.

Jersey Shore Halloween Costume Ideas

DJ Pauly D Costume

If you love making your hair more than shaking a leg to the lively music in the background, then the tune-spinning DJ Pauly D from Rhode Island is the perfect character to imitate at the Jersey Shore themed Halloween party. He is loved and admired for his tan looks and Guido-like hairstyle. The costume should feature a black tank top, embellished with the DJ Pauly D name and headphones print on the front. The attached molded muscle shirt on flesh tone with bulging biceps having tattoos running across the shirt adds to the effect. Couple with the DJ Pauly D wig and headset, and your favorite denims to finish off the attire.

Snooki Black Costume
A big bomb in a small packet! The big mouth, big personality, and sizeable assets have got her rule the hearts of all young hunks. The Snooki little black dress is one of the many ways to flaunt her character. To emulate the same look, you'll need a super low cut halter mini dress that is body hugging and sexy, of course. The Snooki wig, stiletto heels with platform pump, and fishnet stockings complete the ensemble.

The Situation Costume
Of all the eight male cast members in Jersey Shore, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is the most popular. Given any opportunity, Mike never misses a chance to show off his rock hard abs, known as "The Situation". Turn into Mike this Halloween and become the talk of the town. To personify the real Mike look, you'll need an authentic black tank top with "The Situation" in red letters written across the chest, attached to a full muscle shirt with bulging arms, chest, and 6-pack abs. Pair it up your favorite denim jeans and perfect the look with the signature hairstyle.

Snooki Leopard Costume
The highlight and lovable girl of the show is Snooki, without a doubt enjoying most of the fame. Love her or hate, but a Snooki costume is a great idea to win the hearts at the next Halloween party. The leopard print short dress, which is too low in the front and too high in the back, is bound to be highly commendable. Finish off the class and attitude with Snooki wig, stiletto heels with platform pump, and fishnet stockings.