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Halloween is just the right time to let the world know who your favorite cartoon character is. Read the following article to know some cool cartoon Halloween costume ideas.

Cartoon Halloween Costumes

What James Bond and Baywatch are to adults is Mickey Mouse and Superman to children. Ask any child about his/her fondness for cartoons and he would give a prompt reply by nodding his head fervently up and down. A specialized form of visual art and illustrations, cartoons are adored by all children. So whether it is taking delight in the age-old classic cartoon characters of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tin-Tin, Tom and Jerry, and Daffy Duck or the relatively new Pokemon, Doremon, Dexter's Laboratory and Shin Chan series, cartoons have entertained old and children alike. For younger and teen kids, cartoons like Batman, Superman and Spiderman rule their fantasy worlds. Some kids idolize these superhero characters so much so that they dream of becoming one someday. This Halloween, give those nostalgic memories of childhood their due importance by donning costume of your favorite cartoon character. Not only these characters are adorable but also provide any easy way to differentiate you from the crowd. There are plenty of cartoon characters for you to choose from. Here is a list of cartoon costumes ideas that you can use in this Halloween.

Cartoon Halloween Costume Ideas

Bugs Bunny Costume

Those in the house, who like Bugs Bunny, raise your hands! Bugs Bunny is, one of the most recognizable and adorable cartoon characters. We all like his wit and clever maneuver. In this special occasion of Halloween, you can don the character of Bugs Bunny with this Bugs Bunny costume. This costume includes headpiece with attached jumpsuit and that gives it universal appeal.

Scooby Doo Costume
This adorable funny dog is favorite with many kids and young. His innocent but heroic feats make him extremely lovable. For all Scooby Doo lovers, you can use a Scooby Doo costume that comprises of one-piece jump suit with stirrups. It a soft sculptured headpiece which shows your own face. The jumpsuit is open at the front with an attached zip. The collar has a Velcro closing at the back.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Imagine a cartoon world without the eternal characters of Mickey and Minnie? Impossible is what most would say. Such has been the rage of the two cartoon characters ever since their creation in 1928. This Halloween, go back to the childhood days and relive the characters by donning their costumes. While Mickey Mouse costume includes a jumpsuit with attached jacket, a pair of padded gloves and a headpiece with those very famous ears, Minnie Mouse outfit comprises of a polka-dotted dress with sash, ears on a headband and a pair of gloves.

Spiderman Costume
Spiderman is one superhero who never fails to charm his fans. This superhero with his superhuman abilities of clinging to most surfaces, shooting spider-webs and reacting to danger quickly with using his spider-sense, has entertained us with his heroic feats and remained one of the most adorable characters ever created. If you are Spiderman fan and want to celebrate the "web-slinger" on this Halloween, here is a wonderful Spiderman costume for you. The costume includes a one-piece jumpsuit with soft fabric sculptured muscles on the chest and arms. For a more real effect, add in a red mask with web, braid and spider.

Superman Costume
No discussion about superheroes can be complete without the mention of the ultimate superhero, Superman. Superman has been the favorite cartoon character of all people for decades. Superman is known as kind and brave-hearted superhero who is loved by every genre of people. He has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability, senses, reflexes, and much more that assist him in his heroic endeavors. The Superman costume includes a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot covers, a cape and a moulded belt.