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Sport a heavenly look this Halloween by stepping into a classic and elegant angel costume. Find ideas on angel Halloween costumes, with this piece.

Angel Halloween Costumes

Angels conjure feelings of sweetness, goodness, love, passion, kindness, and sympathy. It is for this reason that most girls, in young stages, look upon angels as their inspiration for choosing costumes at various parties. With so many designs, styles, and patterns to choose from, girls never fail to look their best in an attractive and gorgeous angel outfit. But with changing times, variations have come up to the typical angel costume as well. For a difference, girls and women are opting to take the route of a naughty angel, wicked angel, or even an extraordinary good angel. With a festival like Halloween, girls and women look for attire that infuses touched of darker vibes, typical to this spooky festival. So, whether it is the goody good atmosphere or evil ambiance, angel costumes add to the mysterious air of the gathering. Check out the various angel costumes to dress up in at the next Halloween bash.

Angel Costume Ideas For Halloween

Snow Angel Costume

Add joy and life to your next Halloween party with an angelic snow angel costume. A feather trimmed overdress, with a white under dress, feathery cuffs at the end of angel sleeves, and silvery belt make a gorgeous concoction. Pair up the dress with a sparkling halo headband and a pair of feather trimmed fairy wings for the best angel look.

Heaven Sent Angel Costume
A heaven sent angel costume proves to be a versatile outfit, perfect for various occasions apart from Halloween, such as Christmas, plays, and others. So, you need not worry about buying an angel outfit, to land in the almirah after Halloween's over. A white below-the-knee length A-line dress with long bell sleeves coordinating with the circular shape of the outfit make a perfect angel attire. Coupled with white angel wings, gloves, stockings, and shoes, this ensemble will help you win the hearts of many at the Halloween soiree.

Dark Angel Costume
For the sexy yet wicked woman in you, slipping into a dark angel black dress is an apt idea. You may be a stylish woman in a mysterious black gown for one instance; while at another glance, you may be wicked winged angel of the night. Pair your black gown with fingerless black gloves, black wings, and black wig to complete the dress.

Fallen Angel Costume
Not all the angels went all the way down when they fell from heaven. To portray one of the fallen angels who stopped midday in this world, you can pick up a dress that fits into your kitty. For a more enhanced look, turn a little wicked with a sultry styled fallen angel costume. A black and white patterned short dress, boasting of a low waist and handkerchief style hem, is what you should look out for while buying such an outfit. Infuse in added attention and attraction with dark transparent lacy wings, dark halo, and black leggings.

Heavenly Devil-Angel Costume
Tired of being the good old angel 364 days a year? Show your naughty side on Halloween in a half angel-half devil costume. A short red dress with ragged hem, white marabou trim, attached devil tail, wings, and halo headband make ideal heavenly devil-angel attire. You'll have people turning heads and guessing whether you are nice or naughty. For a more dramatic and eye-catching appearance, have one friend of yours dressed as an angel and another one as a devil. You'll be the most captivating trio at the gathering.

Pink Angel Costume
Angels are not just presented by the color of peace and purity - white, the color pink, too, is associated with softness, love, and emotions. These heavenly connections can be bragged with a sheer pink angel costume on Halloween. A long flowing pink dress with layers of fabric gives a graceful and sophisticated look. The soft pink crushed velvet used for the top, trimmed at the neckline, with sheer long and loose-fitting sleeves, provide a soft and full look to the outfit. Complement the attire with soft pink wigs and pink marabou halo to make you a sweet pink angel.