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Haunt the neighborhood by transforming into a ghost with these Ghosts Halloween costumes.

Ghost Halloween Costumes

There definitely has to be something with Halloween that evokes the inner ghoul out of most people and has them turn into supernatural beings looking to terrorize the village, rather than scaring the living daylights out of other people at Halloween. Even the Halloween imagery consists of themes of death, evil, occult, and mythical monsters. Out of most of the costumes sold or rented around the time, a majority of them comprises of horrifyingly creepy ones. And out of these too, the majority has been snatched by the bloodsucking vampires and flesh-eating zombies. Therefore, the task of choosing a spine-chilling costume becomes all the more difficult, for the sake of not representing what hundreds more in the same neighborhood would be, or being different. How about scaring old school way and paying homage to ghosts whose stories have been passing on from one generation to another? Continue reading through the lines to get some ideas about ghost costumes for the coming Halloween.

Ghost Halloween Costume Ideas

Headless Horseman Costume

Roam around your own Halloween party or the streets without a head with this great headless horseman costume that gives out an illusion of a missing head. The costume includes a double knit polyester vest with satin sleeves, attached see-though lace ascot, long black cape, inflatable shoulder components, and headless headpiece mask.

Angel of Death Costume
Halloween is just one big excuse; your real purpose would be to collect the souls of all the naysayers who won't bow in front of you and take them straight to hell. The costume includes a black robe with skeleton chest inset and pointed bottom and sleeves, tattered gauze hood, skeleton costume mask, skeleton gloves, black wings with gauze overlay and pointed fabric, robe belt waist tie.

Tree Man Costume
Run! The tree has come to life and is looking to entangle people in its branches. A solid scary impression is to be made with this tree man costume that includes full over the head mask with attached hair, robe with tattered gauze overlay, and matching oversize hands. The leaf-like detailing can be added at request at extra cost but will make the overall look even more chilling. Grunt and roar at will!

Last Laugh Scary Clown Costume
Take advantage of people's coulrophobia or fear of clowns with this menacing last laugh scary clown costume that includes black clown costume jumpsuit with red pom poms, red oversize clown collar with black trim detail, four finger cartoon gloves, Ani-Motion scary clown mask that moves according to the motion of your head, lips, and mouth. Red clown shoes and a weapon of choice can be bought at extra cost. Who'll have the last laugh? You will for sure, when people go around running without purpose!

Walking Dead Girl Costume
Turn the Halloween night into the night of the living dead with this walking dead girl costume that includes scuffed up pink bath robe with attached shirt, scuffed up matching pajama shorts, and pink bunny slippers. For a little more jittery effect, zombie costume wig and make up kit can be purchased separately. And hold a teddy bear that emits crying noises for an even bigger creepy feeling. Walk slowly, stare continuously, and scream uncontrollably!

Boneyard Bride Skeleton Costume
It is a near perfect costume as far as ghastly dressing up on Halloween is concerned and adds a little personality to the walking ghost along with the obvious creeps. The costume includes long skeleton costume dress with printed skeleton graphics and lace detail, veil with printed fabric mask, choker with bow tie, and dead rose bouquet. If need be, make up kit can be purchased at additional cost.