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Go through this article on Renaissance Halloween Costumes if you're caught short on ideas as to what look to adopt this Halloween.

Renaissance Halloween Costumes

To those who're unaware of the term, let's clarify it for them. Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned from the 14th century to the 17th century. It started in Florence in the later part of the middle ages and soon spread to rest of the Europe. Science, art, religion, politics, and literature; everything was a part of the insurgence. It was this cultural upheaval that's believed by many to be the bridge between the middle ages and the modern era. And many renowned figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, and the likes played their part, along with other historical groups like Knights, Cavaliers, Templars, Crusaders, and Vikings etc. This Halloween, you can revisit the renaissance era by adopting the costumes from the same era and showing it off the world, being the light bearers of the enlightened period. Keep on reading to get ideas on what sort of renaissance costumes are you can wear this Halloween night.

Renaissance Halloween Costume Ideas

Cavalier Man Costume

Be a royal supporter of the King Charles and his son Charles II during the English Civil War with this Cavalier Man costume that includes white cotton lace up shirt with red polyester tunic featuring a bold cross on the chest and edges trimmed in gold, black polyester pants with elastic waist and gray vinyl boot tops. Hat and sword is to be bought separately and will further add to the look.

Medieval Knight Costume
At the king's service, a knight is always ready to shed and take blood for his country's honor. And a costume that includes a polyester tunic with a printed dragon emblem on the front, sleeves and hood made of Lurex, a metallic yarn type material, giving the costume a chain-mail look, hand protecting equipment made of poly-foam, faux leather belts, and shin covers to create authenticity.

Vikings Costume
An all-in-one costume for men as Vikings is common term used to refer to explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe. It includes Viking tunic with Celtic trim accents, attached chainmail sleeves with fur gauntlets, vinyl Viking helmet, fur boot cover, belt with Celtic buckle, and cape with fur and Celtic trim accents and medallions. Get ready to wreak havoc on the night of the Halloween.

Queen Elizabeth Costume
Have the biggest honor by being the Queen of England herself. The costume includes a velvet gown with a yellow and black inset, long sleeves that are puffed at the shoulders, and a stand up high collar. The look is further accentuated by a thick gold crown to rest royally on the head and exudes authority. A class apart from rest of the costumes out there!

Mona Lisa Costume
They say the famous painting of Mona Lisa created by Leonardo Da Vinci speaks volumes. This Halloween, she will definitely speak and will drive the art historians to total madness. This costume is nothing but a framed Mona Lisa portrait screen printed on poly foam. With the portraits head cut out, it's easy to stick your head in place of Mona Lisa's. To let it from falling, the portrait is secured in place by white straps that tie behind the back.

Lady Renaissance Costume
Renaissance was as much about the elite historical figures as it was for the common people. To go back to the era of renaissance, you don't have to don a costume of some big shot individual as this simple Lady Renaissance Costume will do the trick. The costume includes a corset top, a long-sleeved blouse with draped sleeves, and a full-length skirt to make the look complete. A choker cross and Mary Jane black platform shoes will further complement the look.