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Along with essential accessories, clown costumes are a hit at Halloween parties. Explore ideas on joker Halloween costumes, with this article.

Clown Halloween Costumes

You must have seen clowns at the circus, at kids' birthday bashes, and at carnivals. But have you ever wondered that a clown costume can be donned at a Halloween party as well? Yup, the most witty and hilarious person on earth known for amusing and entertaining crowds, can very well be amalgamated into gatherings on the spooky and ghoulish festival of Halloween. The incredible selection of outfits offered under the clown section of costume stores in market is endless, leaving you baffled to choose the best amongst the lot. Besides, you do not have to worry about wearing the outfit just once and storing it at some corner of the cupboard. You can pull it out and grab attention of the masses at any other entertaining event. Given here are various ideas on clown Halloween costumes to select from and bring smiles to everyone's faces. Take a look!

Joker Halloween Costume Ideas

Giggles the Clown Costume

Transform yourself into a classic Halloween clown with a bright, colorful ensemble. Select an attractive polka-dot dress and combine it with white bloomers with polka-dot trim and polka-dot oversized shoes for an added comical effect. Use hair ties to give a perfect clown hairdo and apply flashy makeup to become the perfect Giggles at the Halloween bash.

Clown on the Town Costume
Got that entertaining bug in your heart? Love to entertain people at parties? Add one more to your list of parties - Halloween. Get a colorful jacket in colors of red, blue, green, and yellow, with an attached shirt front, and complement it with checkered pants, checkered bow tie, and a bright hat. Add on a red clown nose, red and yellow clown shoes, white gloves, and gaudy makeup for the perfect circus look.

Black and White Clown Costume
Clowns are all about clashing and flamboyant colors. But, if you do not wish to be one of the ordinary clowns, the contrasting combination of black and white proves to be a unique and different joker costume idea. The oversized pants in black and white and a black-and-white striped shirt with suspenders make a great choice. Accessorize the costume with black-and-white contrasting shoes, white gloves, wig, and clown horn.

Sexy Clown Costume
For a more dramatic and extravagant jester effect, get sexy attire, similar to those clowns found at the three ring circus. A shiny black and red corset top and peplum dress with a white, off shoulder strap sleeve is highly recommended. The black and white harlequin pattern on the skirt looks perfect with a black petticoat underneath. The pleated collar and black domino mask complete the ensemble.

Hoop Clown Costume
The hoop clown costume is, indeed, a hilarious and amusing way to keep the kids and adults entertained at the next Halloween party. The size of the costume makes it an ideal one to be donned by both men and women alike. You will need a poly bodysuit with an attached hoop, a hat, and a clown tie to look your best. For an added fun element, a red clown nose, rubber chicken, and a clown horn are must-have accessories. Do not forget to put on a pair of red and yellow clown shoes to complete the attire.

Checkered Clown Costume
If solid colors haven't got enough of you for a clown Halloween costume, try checkers, for a change. Pick up a checkered vest in colors of yellow and black with red buttons and pair it with sheer solid red pants with the same checkered pattern around the bottom. Add on a dark blue tailcoat with red detailing on the collar and cuffs, completed with large yellow buttons. Add on a multihued polka dotted tie, white gloves, colorful clown wig, and flashy makeup to complete the look.