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Don't leave your infant out of the Halloween celebrations but make the day a memorable one for it and yourself with these infant Halloween costumes.

Infant Halloween Costumes

Halloween and dressing up are synonymous to each other. You cannot have a fun filled Halloween holiday without being dressing up as your favorite character. Babies and adorability that follows is synonymous to each other too. You just cannot keep your little ones out of it; rather, it's impossible to do so, especially when you know how cute and delightful they're going to look in those little costumes. This cuteness factor has been perfectly utilized by costume makers around the world, who along with making costumes for the grownups; also make costumes for children, toddlers, and even infants. And the make is not limited, but has a wide range: animals, superheroes, movie characters, TV show characters, and fairy tales characters etc. You name it, and they'll provide you with one. So pick one out for your infant, have it wear the costume, and make its first Halloween an enjoyable one. Take pictures to show when it grows up! But before you go and order one, read the following section to get a few ideas on what all infant costumes are available for Halloween.

Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby Spiderman Costume

Turn your baby into an itsy bitsy superhero with this Spiderman costume that includes printed jumpsuit with spider web and giant spider print in the front, a costume hat and a character eye mask. Make it wear blue colored booties for a complete look. Go web go!

Loveable Lobster Costume
Your own will be the pick of the babies when you make it dress up in this cute and loveable lobster costume that includes a lined and zippered jumpsuit with attached claw arms and lobster legs, hood with attached antennae, and slip-on booties.

Cozy Cow Costume
Transform your baby into one cuddly calf with this costume that includes the cow headpiece that snaps under the chin, black and white cow pattern romper, nonskid soles that are for indoor use only, and a cow tail. It'll be the cutest thing if you could make it do a "moo" too.

Lion Cub Costume
Let your baby roar its way to the kinghood with this king of the jungle lion cub costume that includes lined zippered jumpsuit with snap leg closures for easy diaper change, attached lion tail, booties with paw print detail, skid resistant bottoms made for indoor use only, and hood with lion ears and plush mane.

Baby Dragon Costume
When your baby fits into this baby dragon costume it will look nothing but cute and will everybody do the "awww..." over and over again. The costume includes a lined zippered jumpsuit with leg snaps, hood with plush tuft and detachable tail feathers, plus slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms, and booties for indoor use only.

Baby Bunny Costume
Let your baby hop into this bunny costume that is a lined zippered bodysuit with snap leg closures, attached bunny tail, booties with paw print detail and skid resistant bottoms, hood with floppy bunny ears, and a plush soft toy carrot. The costume is easy to wear and is adorable to the very core.

Fire Fighter Baby Costume
In this stunningly cute costume your baby is going to be the toughest and handsomest of the babies around it. The costume includes a black and yellow one piece jumpsuit with longs legs and sleeves, a soft hat with floppy rim and a matching decal. "Fire Fighter" has been imprinted on the back of the uniform.

Baby Pumpkin Costume
This Halloween, transform your little baby into a pumpkin jack-o-lantern with this costume that includes a jack-o-lantern pumpkin romper with a green leafy collar and an orange and green muffin hat headpiece. It makes for a perfect little Halloween costume for your baby!

Military Officer Baby Costume
"Officer Baby reporting for duty, Sir!" Have your baby dressed up in this heroic military uniform for infants that includes a comfortable to wear cotton made jumpsuit that has long sleeves with elastic cuffs. The suit also has the US Army label on the front to give an authentic feel.

Minnie Mouse Baby Costume
Turn your little baby girl into one of the most endearing characters created by Disney, Minnie Mouse, friend to Mickey. The costume includes a pink dress with polka dot detail, attached Minnie Mouse Cameo, and matching mouse ears headband with pink and white polka dot bow.