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Give yourself a complete makeover with a sports themed Halloween costume. Find ideas for sports Halloween costumes, with this article.

Sports Halloween Costumes

The world of sports has made millions of people across the globe thrilled and excited for centuries now. Right from the first Olympic Games to the World Cup to the Super Bowl, every individual is hooked to some form of sporting event. Now that Halloween is approaching soon, you have the opportunity to dress up in your favorite sports costume or don your favorite sports star for the costume party. With a spectrum of sports to choose from, you have plenty of options to pick up sports-themed attire for this Halloween season. This wide range offers costumes for men, women, and kids alike in assorted sizes and styles. All set to get stylish, elegant yet sporty this year? Pick up a sports costume from the ideas listed in the lines that follow that suits your interest and needs. Check them out!

Sports Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

For Men
  • Want to create laughs and laughter this Halloween? A sumo wrestler costume lets you and everyone enjoy the sports themed party to the full. The costume includes a stuffed, tan-colored bodysuit, featuring chest and the arms. The attached black sash and cloth at the waist in the front and back give off a traditional sumo wrestler look. Pair the costume with a classic sumo wrestler wig to perfect this look.
  • Bring out the humorous side of you in a sexy referee bodysuit. The oversized ensemble includes a black and white striped shirt and pair of white pants. The matching referee cap, whistle, baseball, and penalty flag will let you get into the soul of the character. A fantastic and fabulous costume to don for a sports themed party!
  • Put on a Super Hoops costume and turn into the basketball legend Michael Jordan. The pair of matching jersey and shorts, along with a huge afro wig, makes a hilarious appearance. Couple the costume with a large inflatable basketball, matching socks, and oversized sneakers. What can be more appealing that this humorous and cute costume to attract ladies!
For Women
  • Transform into the sexiest golf player with a cute golf costume. Put on a pink stretch knit dress with white sleeves and collar, and pair it up with a pleated argyle print skirt, featuring button detailing. To perfect the costume, add on a matching argyle print hat, one driving glove, golf ball shaped purse, and matching knee high socks.
  • Knock out the hearts of all the handsome dudes at the costume party in a sexy and eye-catching boxer ensemble. Start off with a black soft, lounge-worthy robe trimmed in silky pink, right from the large attached hood to the thigh-length hem. Add on a black camisole and black mini skirt with 3 pink stars running down on both sides. Both the waist of the skirt and left of the chest of the robe has a pink logo “BOXERGIRL” embossed beautifully. The ensemble can be completed with pink knee-high boots and a pair of hot pants. Do not forget to leave the silk ribbon of the robe hung open for seductive look.
  • Get ready to steal the hearts as well as the bases in a stylish and sexy vintage baseball ensemble. The cute white uniform having buttons in the front make an excellent and trendy outfit. The top features red trim with a ‘B’ printed on the front and ‘home run honey’ on the back. The attached tulle skirt lined in red trim underneath the pleated white skirt displays a glamorous look. The matching red belt with a gold buckle completes the costume. For an added and enhanced sexy appeal, put on a red baseball cap, white thigh high stockings, and white high heel shoes.
For Kids
  • Transform into a boxing champion by stepping into a sleeveless bodysuit, featuring a padded chest for muscular definition. The bodysuit has attached blue shorts with a white trim at the waist and side. The blue robe with a white waist tie and pair of red boxing gloves filled with padding complete the authentic look of a boxing champ.
  • Reveal your real life karate moves in a white ninja ensemble. The white karate shirt comes with an attached hood and a red dragon design screen printed on the front. The shirt is teamed up with white pants and a white scarf that wraps around the face for a mysterious street fighter look. The black arms ties, leg ties, and waist sash add to the authenticity of the costume. The ninja sword perfects the ensemble.
  • Become the star of the crowd in a touchdown football costume. The jumpsuit resembles a football uniform, featuring a blue top and pair of white pants. The short-sleeved top is padded and is printed with the number ‘01’ on the front. The black buckle and belt patterned on the waist complete the football look. For that added attraction, the costume includes a soft foam helmet with an attached facemask.