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Sailor costumes are always known for their pleasing appearance and decent style. Use the sailor costume ideas mentioned here for the special occasion of Halloween.

Sailor Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just few weeks ahead and everyone can feel the chill of the thrill and excitement. Halloween is a festival for everyone, from young to old. In its centuries of tradition, Halloween has offered people the opportunity to dress up in different and colorful costumes. Some years back, people didn't have enough options for this occasion and as such, their choice remained limited to traditional dresses. But talk about today's Halloween celebration and people have various types of options in terms of costumes for the occasion. This colorful festival provides people a chance to use their creative skills and come out with different and pleasing costumes. One of these costume ideas is the sailor costume, which not only gives a decent appearance, but also adds charm to the wearer's personality. Sailors are always associated with adventure and mystery. Any person gearing in this attire attracts the attention of the public due to the charm and the popular stories related to this profession. There are a variety of sailor costumes available for Halloween for your use.

Sailor Costumes

Captain Costume

Who says that you always have to scare people at Halloween, when you can actually gear up the classy costume of a captain and look dashing and handsome? The captain of the ship is very important person and is responsible for the smooth sailing of the vessel. The captain costume includes a captain's cap, jacket, gloves and trousers. On the occasion of a Halloween, use this captain's costume to impress all the fair ladies at the party.

Sailor Girl Costume
On this Halloween, while your friends are dressing up as fairies, angels, princess and other beautiful characters, you can appear in a sailor girl costume. The crisp white uniform of the sailor girl will dazzle every one in the party. Along with the white sailor uniform you will get a badge, white hat and blue scarf. The whole outfit is very sexy and perfect for this special occasion.

Shipmate Sweetie Costume
Here is another great costume for the beautiful girls out there. This shipmate sweetie costume is perfect for Halloween, where girls compete to look better than others. Shipmate Sweetie costume consists of a blue sailor uniform along with an attached tie. It also comes with a suiting hat and looks very eye catchy.

Popeye Costume
Remember the old lyrical "I'm Popeye the Sailorman"? Who would forget this super spinach hero known for his adventures on sea? Popeye is very popular with kids due to his funny appearance. On this Halloween, some creative heads can don the character of Popeye and become the practical joker of the party. The costume comprises of a shirt with padded arms, trousers, hat, pipe and of course, a spinach can.

Sailor Man Costume
Don't worry if your friend has already become the captain of the ship and attracting the eyeballs at the party. You can still compete with him with another equally charming outfit of sailor man. Popularized by the mysterious and adventurous stories of sailors, sailor man costume has been an integral part of the Halloween parties for decades. The sailor man costume includes a white shirt, trousers, hat, and scarf.

Navy Sailor Girl Costume
Ladies and gentlemen at the party, get ready for the very stunning and sexy navy sailor girl! This navy sailor girl costume consists of a short navy halter dress with gold button accents, rope belt and navy bow at the center of the chest. It also comes with a white sailor hat with anchor patch.

French Sailor Costume
French people are always known for their charming personalities and mesmerizing accent. French sailors are unique not only in their appearance but also in their outlook. The French sailor costume includes a top with a white trouser, along with a neck scarf perfectly suiting it. This costume is another great option for this special occasion of Halloween.