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If becoming a pimp is something you dreamed off then dive right into this article to get a few ideas on Pimp Halloween Costumes.

Pimp Halloween Costumes

Know what's one good thing about Halloween is? It's probably the fact that you can take the costumes in any which way possible, as far and as weird as your mind allows. And kudos (pimp hats off) to those who thought about introducing the world of pimping to this world of crazy dressers; for now this costume category has been widely accepted by the fans of the halloween. If you find this look interesting, then know that the Halloween night may turn into one wild unrestricted ride once you turn into a pimp. But rest assured, you dressed up as a pimp will withdraw glances aplenty, and then followed by some more. A lot of fun is to be had with it. However, don't go around messing with real cops, thinking them to be Halloween dressers too. These pimp costumes are designed and manufactured for men of all shapes and sizes: from small to plus sizes. You just need to decide what costume you like and then purchase it online or from a nearby costume store. Read further to get a few ideas on pimp halloween costumes.

Pimp Halloween Costume Ideas

Pimp Daddy Costume

Go pimping with this over the top pimp costume for Halloween that includes a maroon long sleeved and buttoned jacket made of polyester. The jacket is trimmed with zebra print around the collar, pockets and cuffs. The pants provided with the kit are also trimmed with zebra print on the ankles and have an elastic waistband. A zebra printed hat with a gold accent and a golden scarf is also provided. A golden cane, purchased separately, will definitely pass you on as a real pimp.

Super Mac Pimp Daddy Costume
This Super Mac Pimp Daddy costume will transform you from an ordinary man to the Pimp of all Pimps, the super daddy! This costume includes long black velvet jacket with leopard print trim on collar, pocket covers, and cuffs; matching black pants with elastic waistband and leopard trim along the bottom; leopard print pimp hat plus a gold scarf. Pimp cane is to be bought separately. A real eye roller of a Halloween style!

Big Money Pimp Costume
"Business is booming" is the message that this funny big money pimp costume will send out. The costume includes $100 signs imprinted on collar and cuffs of a velvet jacket, matching pants (elastic waist) money prints along the bottom, hat with gold band. Shirt, pimp cane and sunglasses not included in the costume kit though but can be purchased separately. Hold a few fake dollar bills in your hand to show off!

Retro Pimp Costume
Be the pimp from of the retro generation by donning this costume that consists of jacket, pants, ascot, and a hat. The jacket is imprinted with leopard print trim on the collar, cuffs, and pocket. The matching pants with waistband made of elastic too come with leopard print trims along the leg cuffs. The ascot has a deluxe golden gloss to it. And the hat too has leopard imprints over it. The entire costume looks even flashier pimp cane, shoes, and sunglasses.

Father Pimp Costume
Even pimps need a code of conduct in the world of pimping. And this father pimp costume will let you portray authority when walk in among other friends dressed up as pimps. The costume includes a 70's style pimp jacket with satin white collar, buttoned front and cuffs; matching bell bottoms pants in black with white insets, and a matching hat with feather plume. The twist is provided by the priest's clerical collar provided underneath the jacket.