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Show your love for GI Joe by dressing up as one of your favorite characters. Explore GI Joe Halloween costume ideas, with this article.

GI Joe Halloween Costumes

The line of action figures created by the toy company Hasbro received so much name and fame that it underwent several new phases. What started as classic action toys transformed into a comic series, followed by an animated series, and culminated into the release of one of the science fiction-action blockbusters of the year! Be it Duke - a real American hero, Snake Eyes - the silent assassin, Storm Shadow - the villainous ninja, or The Cobra Commander the head hancho of all baddies, all characters have a special place in the hearts of all children and adulthood, alike. As such, when the festival of Halloween is approaching soon, everyone looks out for the best costume to put on for one of the most special days of the year. Pay a tribute to this popular series with a little sass and bring the legendary characters live. The following lines provide costume ideas from the GI Joe series that are bound to make your Halloween action packed! Go for it and yell out "Yo Joe"!

GI Joe Halloween Costume Ideas

GI Joe Duke

Become the real American hero and the leading soldier of GI Joe team in a typical Duke costume. In a classic black jumpsuit, with details of black armor worn by the live-action movie hero, you are all set to lead the international team of operatives to battle the evil organization, Cobra. The padded armor on the chest and upper arms further enhance the look. The molded plastic mask with an attached clear visor and Duke outfit gloves will complete the GI Joe character's look.

Snake Eyes
This silent assassin doesn't think twice before defeating the villainous Storm Shadow. With a classic Snake Eyes muscle costume, you can join the GI Joe military team. The black muscle-line jumpsuit with attached belt and wrist cuffs allows you to get into the character. The matching black fabric hood and eye visor attached to the hood, along with the Snake Eyes' signature sword complete the ensemble.

Storm Shadow
The famed ninja and evil bodyguard, Storm Shadow from the GI Joe movie series makes another great costume idea to join this team on Halloween. The costume features a white top with an attached belt, pair of matching pants, and a slip-on hood. A pair of white fingerless gloves perfects this ensemble and transforms you into a ninja warrior and a member of Cobra.

Cobra Commander
Bring back the head hancho of all GI Joe villains by stepping into the Cobra Commander outfit. Rule the bad world as the egotistical and paranoid conman. The ensemble contains a blue jumpsuit with attached collar and belt, enhanced by the silver faux buttons. The light blue ascot, black gloves with foam cuffs and red trim, black boot covers around the calf, and anti-slip pads on the bottom make great additions. The blue helmet, with large plastic lens to cover the entire face, completes the ensemble and turns you into the enigmatic villain instantly.