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Travel back in time to the tribal period with Indian Halloween costumes. This article enlists different Indian costume ideas for Halloween.

Indian Halloween Costumes

Ever since they inhabited the American lands, the Native Americans and their culture have continuously inspired the rest of the world. Their unique nature, their intricate artwork, and their beautiful clothing and jewelry have fascinated people round the globe. It is due to this fact that they have become a popular theme for costumes at numerous parties and gatherings. And with Halloween approaching sooner, Indian American costumes are a great hit for a traditional party or a trick-or-treat adventure. Right from authentic-looking attire to sexy outfits revealing some skin, Native Americans can be presented through a wide array of costumes for both men and women. The following lines give an opportunity to look out for unique ideas offered by Native Indian Americans to flaunt at the Halloween bash. Below are illustrated some Indian Halloween costume ideas. It's time to bring history to life yet again!

Indian Costume Ideas For Halloween

For Men
  • An Indian chief costume lets you turn into the leader of your tribe. Display your true leadership qualities in a brown shirt with a suede-like appearance and ¾-length fringe-lined sleeves. The flap covering the chest is embellished with a printed Native American necklace made of black rope, red and blue beads, and a rock pendant. The headpiece makes an attractive addition with green, red, and orange feathers. The tomahawk axe with a brown handle and silver head complete the Indian chief character.
  • Revive the historical days of the West in a fierce and realistic looking Native American costume. The suede appearing long-sleeved shirt and pants have an attached loin cloth. Lined with fringe and trimmed in ribbon with a typical red, white, and black American Indian style pattern, the pants and shirt depict realism. The headband with an attached feather completes the historical costume.
  • An Indian warrior is brave and strong. Let the world know fearless you are through an Indian warrior costume. Slip on a tan tunic with fringe detailing and complement it with matching pants, boot covers, waist sash, beaded chest plate, and headpiece with feathers. Along with coordinating shoes, hair ties, Native American wig, and spear, the costume deems to be ideal and eye-catching.
  • The Running Bull Indian costume lets you travel back in time. Featuring a poly suede shirt accented with fringe on the sleeves and hems and matching pants, the costume represents a traditional American Indian character. The geometric motif on the trim of the chest, encircling the red and white eagle emblem forms an added attraction. Top off the ensemble with an orange faux-feather banded headpiece, knives, bows, and spears to complete the look.
For Women
  • Put on a sexy Indian costume and have all heads turning to you. A brown, faux suede corset that ties behind the neck with halter-style strings, coupled with a matching short skirt, embellished with red strings, red and yellow beads, and red and brown trim lines, makes a fabulous outfit. The top is further enhanced with red and brown trim with fringe lining the chest. Complete the ensemble with a multi-color feather headband and faux fur boots.
  • Revive the American Indian era with a traditional Pocahontas costume. The ensemble comprises of a light brown dress with an attached collar featuring star and bead screen printed design on the front. A long brown sash tied around the waist and a shorter one worn as a headband completes the look. Put on a Native American wig and moccasin show covers as finishing touches.
  • Turn into a sassy Indian with a beaded costume. The deep chocolate brown attire features elaborate beaded detailing encircling the plunging round neckline and intricate triangular pattern in a rainbow of colored beads. The hem of the dress if enhanced by two rows of fringes. The beaded headband accentuated by large red and orange feathers, knee-high boots, and Native American wig complete the effect giving you a true tribe sizzling appearance.
  • The tribe’s brave warriors are bound to fight from your side as you walk down the aisle in an Indian maiden costume. Pick up a toffee-colored long dress with high slits on both the sides reaching till mid-high. The feather waistband beautifies the entire outfit. Matching feather armband, headband, Native American wig, jewelry, and makeup are great additions to bring out the feel of an American Indian.