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Go through this article on Roman Halloween Costumes and travel back to the time of Caesar, gladiators, and mythical creatures of the ancient Rome.

Roman Halloween Costumes

No one quite captures the imagination and takes the breath away as the Romans do with their grandeur sense and fantasies. The Roman mythology and culture has long been inducing many historians and commoners to make it a cult. Even now, when the Halloween is approaching, the Roman traditions and myths will continue to dominate the scene along with other genres. If you too have an unfathomable fetish for Rome and its history, then it won't be such a bad thing to adopt it as your theme this Halloween night and walk around the streets like you've just time traveled to present day world and don't know what's going on. Best would be dress up as various characters and perform randomly out on in the open with other people. To give you an idea of what all costumes are available in the market, a few names have been provided below.

Roman Halloween Costume Ideas

Caesar Costume

Feel what it's like to be in the costume of The Majesty of ancient Rome, Julius Caesar. The costume includes a white robe made of polyester that is trimmed in gold ribbon around the sleeves, neck, and bottom; a maroon colored sash, also trimmed in gold ribbon around the edges that hangs loosely in the front and back, a gold belt, a gold leaf headpiece, and Caesar's sword. A royal look for you Your Highness!

Marc Antony Costume
Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony) was a Roman politician, general, and a loyal supporter and friend of Julius Caesar; in short, an important figure in the Roman history. The costume includes knee length tunic with gold puff printed chest detail and attached waist flaps, cape, cuffs and gold leaf headband. The costume, though looks complex is easy to wear. Roman sandals and a Roman weapon of your choice will have you good to go. Wear this and stand tall with your mate Caesar.

Gladiator Costume
Get ready to fight in the colosseum against the enemy with thousands of people cheering from the stands. With this gladiator costume that includes a tunic, body armor made of foam that slides right over the head and fits to the body, a dark grey cape that attaches at the shoulders and swoops down in front across the chest; shoulder, shin, and wrist guards made of latex. To complete the look, hold a gladiator sword and shield.

Minotaur Costume
If you want to bring out your animalistic instincts that Halloween is so well known for, then this Minotaur costume is just you need. Minotaurs, according to Greek/Roman mythology were mythical creatures with the head of a bull and the body of a man. The costume includes a bull mask with bull horns, ears, helmet, and bull snout; minotaur kilt of fur and leather pieces; boot covers shaped like bull hooves and body armor. Hold an axe to complete the look. One loud roar is enough to send the crowd running.

Medusa Costume
This has to be the creepiest of all Roman costumes and a perfect one for Halloween. According to the Greek mythology, Medusa was the dreadful of all mythical creatures as just looking at her would turn people into stone. The costume includes a polyester halter top dress that ties up behind the neck, matching snake printed glovelettes, leg ties, and made of latex and features nine, green snakes with golden leaves placed in between. Hold a staff to add to the scare factor!

Venus Goddess Costume
If, among the town of the crazies, you want to keep a sane head and let your beauty do the talking then transform yourself into the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, Venus (according to the Roman mythology). The costume includes fading cream to burgundy full length gown with drape sleeves, low cut front and traditional headpiece. Spread the love this Halloween, and not the creeps.

Minerva Goddess Costume
Probably an all rounder costume for women as the Athena goddess, according to Greek Mythology, is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, warfare, strength, strategy, female arts, crafts, justice and skill. The costume is simplistic one and includes floor length tank top dress with attached back shawl.