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Explore this article on gothic Halloween costumes if you're looking for a deadly costume that will lure the onlookers to gladly donate their blood to you.

Gothic Halloween Costumes

Just when the sun sets, the dark forces rise up from slumber and the quiet evening mood gives way to dead calm setting, with every creature from the clan lurking in every corner, waiting patiently to dig its fangs into the neck of an innocent passerby and sucking the life out of him/her. Don't get any ghastly ideas! This is the evening of the halloween and what you just read is nothing more than impromptu role playing to liven up the atmosphere. It's the Gothic look that is donned by many of Halloween lovers. Now people may think it's a little overdone but there's no denying the fact that the Gothic look is a popular choice with the majority of Halloween dressers. The look is undoubtedly stylish, extremely captivating, and represents the true spirit of Halloween: dark, ominous, and freaky. And with TV shows like True Blood and a major Hollywood motion picture movie series like Twilight doing so well among the ever-increasing audience and rising fan base, the Goth look is in demand, more so than ever. Continue reading about the gothic Halloween costumes if you too are among the fans.

Gothic Halloween Costume Ideas

Gothic Vampire Costume

This Halloween, turn into a blood sucking vampire with this costume that includes a calf-length velvet vampire costume cape with standup collar and cording and attached red velvet vest and white shirt with bat-shaped bowtie. Wear the costume with a pair of black pants, black shoes, and white gloves. Also, wear vampire make up further Gothicize the look.

Gothic Lord Costume
Men will look their grimly best in this Gothic Lord Costume that includes an 18th century style white frock coat with satin lapels, attached lace cuffs, the shirt front and an attached jabot. Black trousers and cummerbund are not included in the costume kit and can be purchased at extra cost. A pair of black boots will complete the look. Adopt a slow gait as if you are The Lord of the Goth world.

Baron Von Bloodshed Costume
This modern day vampire costume is as much dashing as it is dark and will send the onlookers in a state of furor. The costume includes the black vest with a laced front and the full length duster coat with decorative lines of lacing on the front, laced sleeves and a stand-up collar. A matching vest is also provided with the costume kit. To complete this gothic look, wear black trousers and shirt, vampire fangs, and make up; all sold separately.

Black Rose Spirit Costume
With this dark and brooding black rose spirit costume, girls and women will have a truly unique and ill-omened look. It includes a floor length gown in crushed velvet texture with rose print detailing and black & white striped sleeves, deep black colored skirt with wispy ribbons on the sides and rear, a black transparent veil with silver and grey accents, and a dark colored choker. Hold a bunch of black roses for an even creepier look.

Royal Vampiress Costume
Don't just be any vampiress, among the many that will inherit the Halloween night, but be a royal one, which the people will claim to be the One. The costume includes the magnificent gown with a high neck, fitted red bodice in richly patterned red and black, accented with broad black cross-stitches, black puff shoulders with fitted sleeves, and deep black draped peplum and the red and black skirt. Wig and make up kit is to be purchased separately.

Fallen Angel Costume
For one night, turn off the light and transform into one gloomy figure: a fallen angel with this fantastic costume for women that includes a black dress with corset style top, long sheer bell sleeves and pointed skirt bottom detail, black marabou feather halo, and black feather wings. Costume wig and nee high shoes can be purchased at extra cost and will further promote the look.