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Masks can double the amount of fun and entertainment at Halloween parties. Discover different ideas for scary and devilish Halloween masks.

Halloween Masks

Halloween occurs just once. A time when people set out to play pranks and tricks on family, friends, and neighbors! This ghoulish and spooky festival is a time of honoring the ghosts and spirits of the dead. Bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted places, watching horror movies, reciting scary stories, and trick-or-treating are the most popular traditions practiced on this day. These costume parties are not similar to any other costume party. They revolve around the themes of Halloween and hence, demand the invitees to put on their best spooky and scary outfits. Masks are the perfect way to complement the weird and devilish clothes donned for the party. There are a wide variety of masks found in stores, ranging from realistic looking to cartoon characters to political leaders. At your masquerade party this Halloween, pick up a mask that will leave all the guests stunned and startled in fright. Given here are some examples of Halloween masks for you to choose from.

Scary Halloween Mask Ideas

Blood Shot Zombie Mask

Let the party-goers assume you to be shot in the head and about to collapse with a blood shot zombie mask. With a single bullet shot in the head and blood oozing out from all over the head, the other guests will have a great time keeping away from you, lest the zombie in you captures one of them. A must-have mask for a spooky festival like Halloween!

Witchy Woman Mask
Let the witch in you control the entire gathering at the Halloween party. This witchy woman Halloween mask will get the people meet the scariest and spookiest creature on earth. Never would have anyone thought that a witch who's only been associated with casting spells would get so frightful and atrocious.

Good Wizard Mask
Put your devilish and ghoulish tricks on the side and turn into a good old wizard this Halloween. Mark your entry at the Halloween party with this old-turned-good mask and cast some useful spells on everyone. Avoid revealing your identity until all the guests have been cast with a spell. However, do not let your complete humble personality come out; do show your wickedness and evilness, but secretly. The guests will have a gala time listening patiently to your spells.

Two Faced Clown Mask
Life is a circus when you are a clown, but life is hell when you are a two-faced jester! Shock and screams are bound to double as you put on this full-over-the-head latex mask and play a prank on one of your friends. This ultra realistic mask will have people running hither and thither for their lives. Add more to the fun if you manage to find a two-faced mask with extra red and luscious lips that have blood running up till the cheeks.

Frankenstein Traditional Mask
To enhance the fun and enjoyment at the night on Halloween, a Frankenstein traditional mask will scare the pants off everyone you come across. Squishy and green in color, no person would dare to come closer to you, only to realize that it was just of their buddies who'd planned a prank on them. While you would be infusing life in Frankenstein with this scary mask, the onlookers will run for their lives.

Michael Jackson Mask
Get a little funky and spunky this Halloween with a Michael Jackson mask! The mask would be a depiction of your tribute to the King of Pop and your love for this dance form. Nothing can be better than showing your popping and locking moves and moon walk, that's copyrighted to MJ. A highly recommended Halloween mask, the festive spirit can be further highlighted by picking up a mask with ruby red lips and long, layered black hair.

Ghost Mask
Halloween is the day of the year when you are free to scare people and get their hearts pounding. Put on a scary ghost mask and transform into a haunting poltergeist. The large eyes and mouth opening will add to the already chilling fright, forcing people to reside to every corner they find at the party. Enjoy being the center point of attraction with this ghoul mask.