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Spice up your Halloween celebrations with scary pranks, spooky tricks, and funny antics. Read on for some real creative Halloween tricks.

Halloween Tricks

Tricks and pranks are an essential part of the scariest holiday of the year - Halloween. The festival has been associated with loads of trick-or-treating, jack-o'-lanterns, and spooky stories. Thus, it is bound to be fun and enjoying when the occasion of Halloween is nearing. When it comes to trick-or-treating, a wide range of bizarre and eerie foods can be sighted on the tables of every household, not to forget the surprising pranks and tricks that are hidden in them. While goblins and ghouls would be wandering around to loot you, you too can participate in the fun of trick-or-treating by playing pranks and tricks on them. With a little imagination and some prank ideas, turn into a creative prankster this Halloween. Scare the hell out of everyone with these scary tricks, pranks, and funny antics listed in the section below. But make sure that the scare or surprise does not harm them.

Scary Tricks And Pranks For Halloween

Mommy It's Alive!

Search for an appropriate yet scary and horrifying costume to give you the look of a Halloween decor item. It is advised that you choose a costume of an inanimate front-lawn monster since you will have to stay still for a long period of time. Prepare the lawn with some inanimate Halloween front-lawn monsters, to match your dress. Step into the costume and just as guests start rolling in, take them by surprise. The unsuspecting targets would be the best ones to be taken aback, running hither and thither screaming for mommies and their lives.

Shower Surprise
A must prank for Halloween parties! You will have to carefully choose a bathroom that has both a shower and a toilet. Hide in the shower and wait for your victim approaching. When the victim secures the door lock and starts using the toilet, jump out immediately shouting out loudly and frighteningly. Even before he commands his body to stop doing his "business", he is bound to run places to save himself. However, not all people will accept this prank; thus, be cautious while choosing your victim.

Special Candies
For a simpler and easier version of a Halloween prank, this should be your take. Visit a craft store and buy some realistic-looking fake insects, bugs, cockroaches, and such creatures. The more yuck feeling they ooze out, the higher will be the impact of the trick. Decorate your house in creature theme and dress in a scary costume to fit perfectly into the theme. As guests start pouring in, they will be eager to get a good handful of candies as starters. When they start approaching the table for the candies, remove your candy bowl of bugs slowly, such that the contents are not visible to them. Immediately grab a handful of bugs and drop them into their hands. The unexpected plastic unholy things that they receive, in place of candies, will surprise and shock them. Nevertheless, be quick to clear their misunderstanding and offer real candies.

Spider or Snake in the Cupboard
Tie a piece of fishing line to a big rubber spider or snake. Place the scary item in a cupboard, behind a door, or on a car seat. Fix the other end of the fishing line to the cupboard. Thereafter, test the fishing line by opening the cupboard door and checking whether the scary item pops up or not in the direction of the victim. Alternatively, a bunch of fishing line can be affixed to make spooky and scary things move across the room.