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Looking for some weird and wacky crafts to make on Halloween with your kids? Discover easy Halloween craft ideas for kids, with this write-up.

Halloween Craft For Kids

Halloween is one of the highly celebrated festivals in the United States and Canada, marked with much pomp and glory. It is also amongst the most anticipated holidays of the year, particularly by kids. The very feeling of donning scary costumes, planning pranks, collecting free candy, and playing games raise their expectations with every passing Halloween. Nevertheless, this festival can be enjoyed equally by adults as well. This is just another opportunity to spend some quality time with your little ones and make creepy and ghoulish crafts as a family. Use your creative minds to make treat bags, masks, and plenty other goodies, simply for your kids' entertainment and enjoyment. Here's presenting you and your little goblins some silly and spooky kids' crafts to make. Take a sneak peek!

Easy Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

Orange Jack-o'-Lantern

This healthy craft makes a delicious treat and sweet surprise for young kids on Halloween. You will need one orange (either a regular size or small variety like mandarin or tangerine), 2 googly eyes, back self-stick craft foam, ½ green pipe cleaner stem, 2 glue dots, scissors, and pencil. Draw a jack-o'-lantern mouth and triangle-shaped nose on the self-stick craft foam. Cut out carefully using scissors. Place one glue dot on the back of the googly eye and affix it to the orange. Repeat the same with the second googly eye. Stick craft foam nose and mouth on the orange. Curl the ½ green pipe cleaner stem by wrapping it around a pencil. Remove it from the pencil and stick one end at the top of the orange. Your orange jack-o'-lantern is ready!

Pumpkin Seed Necklace
After you have scooped out the pumpkin slime from the pumpkin, the pulp and seeds are rendered useless. Use the leftover pumpkin seeds to create a classic and trendy necklace. Place the seeds and pulp in a bowl of water. The seeds will separate from the pulp and float to the top. Remove the seeds and rinse them thoroughly under running water. Spread them on a paper towel or cookie sheet and allow them to dry for about 6 to 8 hours at room temperature. However, avoid over drying the seeds as they may become difficult to work with. Thread a silk beading cord in a sewing needle and string the seeds in an attractive pattern. You can tie knots in between to give the necklace a pretty look.

Lollipop Ghost Craft
This makes a Halloween craft as well as a treat, both at the same time. You will require materials, such as one tootsie pop, white tissue paper or handkerchief, black yarn, and black marker. Place the tissue paper or handkerchief on a flat working surface and cut it out into a 10x10 inch square piece. Place this square over the top of the tootsie pop, to look like a ghost. Tie with black yarn to form the head of the ghost. Draw eyes using a black marker and your lollipop ghost is ready.

Plastic Lid Pumpkins
Make cute little pumpkins reusing plastic lids and indulging in a fun-filled craft, both at the same time. Firstly, collect the materials required for this craft, which include orange plastic lid, black fine point permanent marker, scrap of green craft foam, and white craft glue. Wash the plastic lids thoroughly ensuring that there are no food or beverage residues. Dry them completely. Draw jack-o'-lantern faces on the lid using a black permanent marker. Cut out a small square from green craft foam and paste it on top of the lid using white craft glue. Allow the glue to dry and sweet little pumpkins are ready for display.