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Bid adieu to your Halloween party guests with fun Halloween favors. Scroll on to explore creative ideas for spooky and cool Halloween party favors.

Halloween Party Favors

Hosting a Halloween party doesn't come as an easy affair. It requires you to splurge out your greens on the costumes, candies, decorations and menu. With a few suggestions and useful tips, you can keep the party favors economical and affordable, while bidding goodbye to the guests with a big smile. To know how, read on. After all the fun and entertainment that guests have had at the party, favors offer to end the party on a positive note. While favors themselves are sufficient to bid adieu to the guests, adding a touch of the Halloween festival can enhance the overall appeal of the ghoulish and enjoyable party they had at your place. Check out budget-friendly party favors in the section below, that will help you save money and still manage to distribute spooky Halloween goodies.

Halloween Party Favor Ideas

Pumpkin Seeds

If you have carved out a considerate number of jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween decorations, you are likely to have loads of pumpkin seeds on hand. Since roasted pumpkin seeds make a popular and tasty snack on this festival, the discarded pumpkin seeds can be roasted to make a flavorful gourmet favor snack. While roasting, sprinkle a generous amount of any of your favorite seasoning, such as Cajun season, pumpkin pie spice, or Italian seasoning, to enhance the flavor and aroma of the seeds. Buy Halloween-themed cellophane bags from the market and use them to wrap the roasted pumpkin seeds, to have distributed as appetizing party favors.

Halloween Goodie Bag
Goodie bags are another favorite option for Halloween party favors, particularly for people who wish to cut down their rising party costs. Buy plenty of festive-looking orange and red paper and use your creative thinking hats to make Halloween goody bags. Thread decorative string through the top to tie the bags together. Place assorted Halloween goodies, like bendable skeletons, candy, plastic spiders, and secure the bag together before handing over to each leaving guest.

Painted Pumpkins
While the large pumpkins were used for making jack-o'-lanterns and holding pumpkin carving competitions, the miniature versions can be adapted into party favors. You can either buy miniature pumpkins in different colors from stores selling Halloween goodies, or choose to grow them in your vegetable garden. For a more enhanced touch, personalize each pumpkin with the guest's name to make it a custom party favor. As an alternate, the personalizing portion can be converted into an activity wherein each guest paints his own name to create a masterpiece to take back home as a party favor.

Costume Items
It is typical for all guests to come dressed in costumes for the Halloween party. Nevertheless, the idea of gifting costumes as party favors can be well thought of. Do not be overwhelmed by the thought of spending a lot of money on buying costumes for all your guests. You can find different fun and inexpensive costume items at temporary Halloween stores and department stores selling Halloween stuff. Items, such as wigs, face paint, disguise glasses, vampire teeth, and glow sticks can be stuffed in goody bags for each guest. They can be stored away as costumes for the next Halloween party.

Homemade Treats
Cookies and cupcakes baked at home are one of the simplest and tastiest party treats for Halloween. Prepare your own cookies and cakes and decorate them in a unique style. Customize the treats by adding each guest's name in the top icing. Use orange or black colored cellophane bags to carry the treats and give away to the guests.