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Entice your guests to your Halloween party with spooky and creepy invitation cards. Read on for ideas on Halloween party invitations.

Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween is nearing! And so is the Halloween party! With so many preparations to make, time seems to be running fast. But with a well-prepared plan in hand, you can complete all your arrangements in advance and well before the D-day. So, if you want to organize an evening that will leave all your guests screaming around and talking about your ghoulish soiree everywhere, you need to first find out what is it that lures people to visit a particular party while sidelining the other party invitations? Well, the answer lies within the question itself. It is the invitation that makes all the difference. Whether is it a whimsical Halloween party for kids or a creepy cocktail party and spooky haunted house party for adults, the party invitation can get the invitees go batty over attending a get-together. To start the spooky fun and terrifying entertainment, given here are some ideas for creative party invitations. Take a look!

Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Party Theme
Even though Halloween itself is a theme, people do choose a sub-theme to make their Halloween party stand out. Depending upon the Halloween symbol that you desire to concentrate your party around, you can choose from sub-themes, like ghosts, famous monsters, witches, gravestones, pumpkin, and candy, and so on. The theme that you finalize will determine your party invitations, decorations, food, favors, etc. After you have settled down on a particular theme, it is time to buy invitation cards pertaining to the selected theme. Alternatively, you can create handmade invitations at home or print downloadable invitations from the internet.

Date and Time
You need to plan the day and time of the party, depending upon who will be your invitees. For a Halloween party exclusively for kids, you can organize it in late afternoon or early in the evening, either on the day before Halloween or on Halloween day itself. The kids' party should not extend beyond two hours, so that they do get not excessively tired and have enough time before retiring to bed. However, if it's an adult party that you are planning, it should obviously start on Halloween night, late in the evening. In case Halloween falls on a week day, organize the party on the previous weekend. The usual time for starting the party is eight o'clock, since most people end up turning around this time. In case you mailing your invitations, it is best to do so at least two weeks ahead of the party. But if you have planned the party last minute, hand delivery is the best option, even if you wish to get quicker response on the RSVP. Follow-up with all the guests through phone call and attend to their queries. Prepare a final list of the guests who have agreed to attend your party and make arrangements accordingly.

Invitation Wording
The wording on Halloween invites places a great role in inducing the guests to come to your party. Make sure that the wording comprises largely of Halloween terms to let the guests get into the party mood right from the time they receive the invitation card. You can use "ghosts and goblins" or "ghouls" instead of the typical "ladies and gentlemen" or "boys and girls". Similarly, if you want the guests to get their own alcohol, you can include "bring your own spirits" and end the invitation by signing "your ghosts" or including the address as "The Smith's last resting place". Take a look at some Halloween invitation wording samples:

Join us on Halloween night
for this year's biggest fright
This haunted house is guaranteed to scare
Take a tour, if you dare
The doors are set to open at eight
Don your costume and don't be late
We're dying to hear from you.

Vampires, Witches, Ghouls, and more
This is a Halloween party to die for!
Join us for a spook-tacular time at the <Family's name>
<Address> <Day> <Date> <Time>
Devilish drinks and frightful finger food provided
Costumes encouraged.
Directions and map on back.

Join us if you dare
for a Halloween scare...
We're calling all goblins,
ghosts and creatures of the night!!!
So creep, float, or crawl on over
to our Halloween costume party!
The undertaking will begin
promptly at 7:00 p.m.

It might be Scary...
It might be a Fright...
But it's sure to be Fun
On Halloween Night!
You're invited to our
Halloween Party
<Day> <Date>
<From Time> <To Time>

What are you doing <Day of Halloween>,
I just have to ask?
How about drinking, dancing,
And wearing a mask...
Come on over for the
Harrowing fright the
Coopers are brewing for
Halloween Night!
<From Time> <To Time>