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Tune into the classic monster bash this Halloween! Find ideas for a Halloween monster party theme, with this piece of writing.

Monster Party Theme

These days, Halloween parties are getting highly customized, leaving behind the traditional customs and rituals, for celebrating this spooky festival. What began as a festival to honor the ghosts and spirits of the dead has now transformed into a time to have fun and make merry. Even though the customary festivities are no more a common sight, one can spot people infusing these traditions into their modern celebration ways. Of them, the most talked about events are the Halloween parties. Agreed that the celebrations do not completely justify the true essence of the occasion, the parties still keep some of the traditions alive, be it in the form of costumes, food, music, or even themes. One such popular theme for Halloween parties is the monster bash. Coupled with spirits, ghosts, spiders, bats, werewolves, and cats, this theme lets everyone get aware of the basic objective of the festival. So, if a monster themed party is what you are planning to throw this Halloween, the following sections can ease out your preparations. Read on to know how to plan a Halloween monstrous bash.

Halloween Monster Party Ideas


Since it is a monster bash, your invitations should be monstrous to let your guests have a brief idea of what to expect at the party. Write down the party invitation on parchment paper in spooky writing. Get small jewelry boxes, rubber rats, and black ribbons from the craft store. Tie the ribbon round the rat's neck and the other end to the invitation. Place the invitation and the rat in the box and affix a bat cut out from construction paper on the box for that hideous and horrifying effect.

This party theme offers several options when it comes to selecting the best theme costume. Monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, zombie, Godzilla, King Kong, Mummy, Wolfman, skeleton, mad scientist, old gypsy witch, and fortune teller can be impersonated. You can even suggest the invitees on classic monster dressed and the kind of makeup to don for the party.

Search through your movie library for an old monstrous movie. In case you don't have one, seek help from your friends or buy some old movie posters. You will have to give your venue a retro theme for that grotesque aura. Move back all the furniture to create space for the dance floor. Use cobwebs and dust to cover the entire party area. Faint the lights such that it is just bright enough to let the guests move around easily. Have lighted candles placed here and there, but at safe locations. Organize a fog machine to continuously circulate the mist across the area. Position creepy creatures at strategic places to shock and scare the guests, like rats, bats, bugs, eyeballs, and fingers.

Do not mistakably offer appetizing and tempting food to your guests, since it isn't a formal event. It's Halloween and it's a monster party! So, stay away from those friendly pumpkins and witches. Present creepier and spooky food for that perfect ghastly atmosphere. However, do not leave the guests guessing what they served their tummies with, for the entire party. Place small signs next to each dish with the name printed. You can have horrifying names for the dishes, such as cranberry popcorn balls, strained eye balls, fungus vegetable salad, witch's finger cookies, dragon's blood punch, wormy baked apples, and jack-o'-lantern pizza.

To keep the guests entertained throughout the party time, you can incorporate games, like Halloween pictionary, "Make a Monster", bat walk, and mummy wrap. These games can be adapted for both kids and adults alike.

You can pick up a collection of some evergreen scary soundtracks from old films to play at the party. Music stores provide music CDs with songs from different horror and sci-fi movies at the time of Halloween. For a more lively and energetic environment, "New Wave Halloween" and "Return of the Living Dead" make great choices.