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Revive the strike fear and scallywag of pirates with a pirate-themed Halloween party. Read on to find ideas for the pirates' party theme.

Pirates Party Theme

Halloween is not just a time to flounder with ghosts, spirits, vampires, witches, bats, spiders, and werewolves. The festival has more to it. Even though the festival was introduced to honor the dead, Halloween has now turned into a time for family gatherings and get-togethers. Moreover, this spooky holiday has come to be associated with squandering and extravagant parties, pre-planned months before the occasion actually arrives. Nevertheless, if you desire to stick to the festive essence of Halloween, you can organize ghostly galleon party that your guests are sure to cherish for days to come. The pirate themed Halloween party will invigorate the guests and let them indulge in the primeval times of pirates and sea plunders. Go through the lines below to find various ideas for throwing a perfect pirate party on this Halloween. You sure will have a swashbuckling party time!

Pirate Halloween Party Ideas


The invitations will set the tone for the Halloween party; hence, its significance. So, to have that real pirate effect into your party that will pop and get all your guests excited for donning pirate costumes, you need to put in a little creation into your pirate Halloween invitation. Sail some spooky invites in message-bearing bottles right into your guests' mailboxes. For, these bottles are not just confined to the seashores, right? A treasure map invitation can also be an exciting and compelling route to drag guests to your Halloween party. Prepare a treasure map of your house and neighborhood, either on computer or by hand, using symbols like skeletons, palm trees, pirate ship, pirate skulls, anchors, shells, etc. Crumple the paper and stain it with tea to give it a yellowy and old look. Finally, roll it up and tie with a string, before delivering it to the invitees.

The pirate themed party offers a large variety of costumes to choose from. Check out some pirate movies and jot down general pirate costumes for both men and women to guide your guests. You do not have to go shopping for new trendy clothes for the party. Dig into your closet and you may be surprised to find clothes that will perfectly fit as your pirate Halloween party dress code. Black boots, sailor's pants, and ruffled shirts make great options for men, coupled with a sash for a belt, big pirate hat or bandanna, eye patches, and a fake bird on your shoulder. As for females, a leather corset, lace petticoats, bandanna, sash, boots, and jeweled choker can be given a thought. Do not forget to include accessories, such as long-barreled pirate pistol, swashbuckling sword, and a mug for rum swilling, which are essential for completing a pirate's attire.

Be true to the pirate theme by keeping the usual Halloween symbols away from the decorations. Red, black, white, and gold are the typical pirate colors, which can be easily incorporated into balloons, table settings, party products, and invitations. Blow up balloons in these colors and attach with ribbons and streamers. For the table centerpiece, choose to keep a wooden chest overflowing with fake treasure, like gold and jewels, portholes, seashells, wooden barrels, rusty chains, and dusty bottles of rum. Put up a large skull and crossbones flag in the background. Purchase fishing nets from a local hunting or gaming store and drape them from the staircases and ceiling to the party table and walls. For an enhanced pirate effect, attach some fake skulls into the net before decorating. A black table cloth can be spread over the table and covered with net. Have pirate themed plastic cups and pirate flasks for the cutlery.

Finger foods and snacks make best refreshments for a pirate themed party. For the appetizers, goldfish crackers in assorted flavors, pirate ship sandwiches made from cheese, salami and turkey, bone bread sticks served with a bloody marinara sauce, and marinated chicken breast sticks on bamboo skewers will be a big hit. To attract the guests towards the snack table, a half watermelon hollowed out into a boat shape and filled with fruit or dip can be placed in the center. Complement it further with a little sail and pirate flag in the middle. Swedish fish gummy candy, pirate pizza, cantaloupe boats, and canon balls can be opted for the main course. Have lots of grog, rum, beer, and some non-alcoholic punch drinks for true traditional pirate beverages. Finish off the gorgeous and pirated meal with treasure chest cake, ocean blue parfait, or Caribbean fruit salad with marshmallows.

No Halloween is complete without games and activities. If you have enough space to dedicate towards entertainment, you can choose from an assortment of thrilling games, meant especially for pirates, like captain hook game, ring toss game, bowling game, balloon surfing, treasure hunt for the loot, swab the deck relay, canon ball dunk, and sink the pirate ship.

Energetic and ambient music make great choices to be played in the background. All soundtracks from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" can be incorporated in the party. Not only is the music "piratey", but it will keep the guests glued to the celebration and theme of the festivity.